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Nizhegorodets from - for jealousy has shot the wife, and has then let out a bullet to itself heart

Wild passions boiled in a family already elderly nizhegorodtsev. The jealousy of the spouse was the reason for all. As a result, it has killed also the wife, and.

- in the Afternoon on July, 5th in territory of the private house in Balakhna the woman and the man with gunshot wounds have been found out, - informs SOU SKR across the Nizhniy Novgorod region.

having left on a scene inspectors have established that during quarrel between spouses the husband has twice shot from a stamp gun « IZH - 27 » in the spouse, and then, having come into a bath, has shot from this guns at heart area.

from the got wound 51 - the summer man has died on the spot, and it 50 - the summer wife has died this very day of the received wounds in hospital.

according to preliminary data between spouses regularly there were quarrels because of jealousy.

In day of tragedy they on a visit had relatives who have called pravoohranitelej and physicians.

the victim was under examination for illegal circulation of narcotics. Legality of a finding of a gun is established. Now all circumstances of an event are found out. Based on the results of testing the remedial decision will be accepted.