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In failure near Artemovsk five persons

in nine o`clock in the morning on 12 kilometre of the roundabout were lost Today has sat down Pokrovsk that near to Art Emovsky, there was a terrible road accident - informs « a press - traffic police service on Sverdlovsk area. According to eyewitnesses, the car « cherri » went from Turinsk towards Ekaterinburg, considerably having exceeded speed, has left on vstrechku.

To this moment on road went « the fourteenth » which went from Koltsovo. It was not possible to avoid the Head-on collision. At the moment of failure in « cherri » there were two persons, the driver and the passenger who have been sent in hospital; in « the fourteenth » there were five persons, the driver and four passengers. All were lost. Before failure the driver has met relatives who in 7 o`clock in the morning have arrived to Ekaterinburg.

Now on a place of accident the investigatory brigade works. The driver check on alcoholic intoxication.