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Onishchenko: Quality of water in Krymske does not call special alarm

- First of all I, of course, absolutely sincerely, from the bottom of the heart would like to voice condolences to townsmen of Krymska who have faced such misfortune. As to a situation assessment I should tell that we now with the mayor, with experts of Rospotrebnadzora who are engaged here in maintenance sanepidblagopoluchija, have discussed in detail all actions, have introduced corrective amendments in actions which need to be realised in the near future. What would I tell? As to maintenance of a city with water both water intaking constructions work, water in a city moves.

However not in all houses, does not reach on the top floors. Therefore for us it is very important, and we would like, that in the near future with power supply restoration pressure has raised, and water arrived in all apartments of townsmen. We supervise a mode of chlorination of water. Because, considering these conditions, considering that is much dim, we have demanded to raise the chlorine maintenance in water, to provide its security from the point of view of microbiology and etc.

Gennady Onishchenko about tragedy on Kuban

Behind it control is conducted. While the data on laboratory researches says that water in a city does not call special alarm. Plus I know that now in a city it is a lot of butilirovannoj water which have delivered. And the majority of the population has a possibility it to receive in distribution points.

Besides, we are disturbed by questions of clearing of a city. In the impounded parts, in the impounded areas, streets in process of a water descent (and we discussed it with the mayor) it is necessary to organise and spend, in - the first, clearing vygrebov which here are in a vile part, in a private home ownership, then their disinfecting, disinfecting of territories as all it is washed away and carried on streets and etc.

I would ask townsmen, especially who has children, to pay to this attention and as much as possible to provide reduction of contact of the children`s population while we together with municipal services will not guide a due order. Certainly, us questions of maintenance of a city good-quality foodstuff interest. Here I have not revealed any rough infringements, because, fortunately, the city most part all - taki has not suffered, and possibilities podvoza products exist.

PVR (points of time abiding). I have just visited one of them - at boarding school near to the mayoralty. In conversation with the director of any special remarks she has not voiced, they are provided by products, the health service works. So, I think, in the near future, within the next few days we will take all measures that, in - the first, to minimise consequences, as soon as possible them to liquidate, that the city has returned to normal life. I think that with the God`s help it will be possible to make it to us.