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Near Kursk the power have refused to clean a toxic waste from a rural cemetery

« already told that the terrible find was found out by inhabitants of village Loshakovka which is in two kilometres from a large village of White Kursk area. On an operating cemetery which is near to village, at excavation of a superficial hole the strange burial place has revealed.

In Upravlenie Rosselhoznadzora on the Oryol and Kursk areas from inhabitants the statement under which has subscribed more than 30 persons has arrived. They asked to understand a situation then administrative investigation has begun. In this village   from the Eagle there came experts of management who in the presence of the head of Belovsky area and the head physician of regional hospital understood in the circumstances.

- It is necessary to notice that to the head of area and its expert in agrarian questions of action of representatives of Federal Agency were obviously not to liking, they were nervous and tried to reproach them that they attempt upon authority of area. Why - that did not start up the inspector on cemetery territory, have called the chief of local police.

As to us have told in department, at experts of Management the desire was one - to put an end in this prolonged history. First of all to agree with local authorities and at last - that to find a place for a burial place which would suit all. And instead it   it was necessary to face aggression of officials. Besides during a meeting they   conducted a photo and a video shooting. The head of administration closed an objective and prayed for it not to remove.

it is necessary to notice that a medical waste of group are considered as one of the most dangerous kinds of garbage. Their harm consists, first of all, in direct threat for health and human life. By scientists it is proved that so-called hospital garbage it is impossible to burn in usual conditions or without processing to dig in in the earth. The risk of a poisoning of environment microbes, bacteria and the infections calling diseases, including the deadly is in either case great.

Administrative investigation on an establishment guilty of infringement of the ground legislation proceeds