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Citizens of Kazan consider that the driver “ Porsche “ arranged deadly road accident, can “ otmazatsja “

In social networks conversations on deadly road accident an event in the street Esperanto in Kazan do not cease on July, 3rd. Many consider that to the driver « Porsche » done in 28 - the summer driver « Nexias » it will be possible to avoid responsibility.

And what difference with what speed it went? Is vstrechka and lethal exod. That is not enough of it? I think is impossible it simply so to leave, after all on a place of the driver « Nexias » there could be everyone (Kohl)

On - to mine without mass-media here not to manage. If on the screen discussion is lighted and will invite the inspector to explain a situation on business, “ to hush up “ it will be already difficult. Especially top kopy after a case with department “ Distant “ hardly will want from - for one major again a sensation all over the country. Can it on « Let speak » with Malakhov to call? (Ajgul)

Believe, or not. If I witnessed, the horse-radish too would tell about it, will wear out, zamuchajut then... :( anywhere it is impossible to leave, all time from work to ask for leave... Itself was and is in such situation...: ((Taras)

Igor`s Car is on shtrafstojanke. « Porsche » have given Rusnaku. Its car costs in a court yard of its house. The consequence gives it chance to break something in the car and to present itself a victim of circumstances. I already two times asked a consequence to withdraw from Rusnaka the car, as this tool of a crime. But they do not do it. To the simple person will allow so to make??!! (Anna)

Failure has happened opposite to department οξλθφθθΉ8 (Esperanto, 37) - not really they do not have video from external observation cameras? Regularly opposite to same OP put chambers of photofixing of speed - can be and that evening was? (Yury)

we Will admit, not « Porsche » Would take off on vstrechku, and « the fourteenth » with the same consequences. I do not think that trials in relation to the driver « VAZ » would be same long. (Ajja)

On - I needs to shut eyes easy to the given incident since we in live in Russia, here again the voice of the people means nothing. In a word, do not spend the nerves. To the owner on « Porsche » there will be nothing it of 100 %. But there is one but, god all sees. (Anton)

to achieve truth in my opinion is useless. I think to it a maximum will give conditional or settlement. And that it not to admit it would be necessary to go above. It would be necessary that who that of the government supervised a situation. Then to it will really give term. (Dima)

If before court, the driver « Porsche » before court will bring the victim of 2 million roubles business will close « behind reconciliation of the parties ». (Arthur)

Relatives of the victim once again ask to respond all witnesses of the given failure.