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Day of a family, love and fidelity in Vologda will note on the Revolution area

In Day of memory of the saint Peter and Fevronii on the Revolution area in Vologda celebratory walks will be developed. In the evening before vologzhanami and visitors of regional capital children`s collectives of a city and known Vologda musicians will act.

According to the City administration of Vologda, at 15:00 on a city main square nurseries vocal and horeagraficheskie collectives will act. The song feast will proceed and at 18:00. This Sunday evening spectators   can take pleasure in creativity of such Vologda musicians, as Yury Smyslov and Alexander Sokolov. Also before vologzhanami will act   Albert Mishina, Victor Kolesov`s chorus,   « Petrovich Bend »   and VIA « the Bluebird of happiness ».  

At 20:00 on the same area with the creativity vologzhan the Vologda musician Sergey Dyomin will please. It will sing songs from the program   « Once again about love ».

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