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Condolences to the family of victims were expressed by the senator Michael Margelov

the Chairman of committee on the international affairs of the Federation Council Michael Margelov has presented condolences to the family velikoluchan, victims in accident near Chernigov on July, 7th.

  In pisme, in particular, it is told:

« Allow to condole with the family of victims, all who knew them also to everyone pskovichi these days troubles! Is intolerable to understand that in a peace time in a flash can be lost so many people. People with kind heart and pure thoughts. In orthodox tradition it is considered that if the person dies on the way to holy sites - it gets at once to righteous men. I understand that this thought will not make a grief of relatives of victims less, but I hope that so it and is.

With our whole heart with you this sad day with hope of the prompt recover wounded ».

the senator from the Pskov area has directed Condolences to the address Andrey Turchaka`s governor. Informs the Pskov truth .  


9 - on July, 11th in the Pskov area is declared the three-day mourning