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Cold war reserved?

if to judge under comments of some domestic mass-media and the observers, all civilised world angrily denounces actions of the Russian authorities during tragical events in Moscow and demands immediate peace talks with the Chechen separatists. And Moscow like would pay to the West in the same coin. Putin makes statements for intention to pursue terrorists worldwide, cancels the visit to Denmark, carrying out of the major for us the summit Russia - the European Union is threatened.

in general, the proof impression is made that here - here between Russia and Europe again will fall the Iron Curtain and again will begin cold war .

Actually it, certainly, not so. First of all because for the last ten years Russia so it is deep - both economically, and politically - it was integrated into the European space that return motion is represented hardly possible.

It is characteristic that some days before act of terrorism from a camp of foreign opposition to Putin closely connected with the Chechen terrorists, the forecast has been given: if Russia supports the USA in a question across Iraq it will necessarily spoil relations of our country with Europe, will prevent its accession to WTO and integration into the European Union.

judging by this forecast, act of terrorism in Moscow had farther purposes, than a world establishment in the Chechen Republic . But these purposes has not reached.

yes, at first sight both politicians, and public opinion in the West have dispersed in an estimation of the reasons and consequences of the Moscow tragedy. The USA, for example (both a management, and mass-media), sympathise with Russia. And the European press, however, not all, subjects Putin to the rigid criticism. But it does not mean at all that Russia starts to play to an American team, having turned a back to Europe.

concerning Denmark the Russian government has been urged to undertake a number of ritual steps. But they are intended first of all for internal consumption. The political management both the European countries, and Russia fine understands that the decision of the Chechen problem and the decision of our integration problems - things incommensurable and cannot be put one in dependence on another. Words words, but anybody from western, including European, has not subjected till now heads and will not call in question that obvious fact that the permission of the Chechen crisis - a domestic concern of Russia. And it, certainly, angers those who heads the international terrorist network. After all to split an antiterrorist coalition it is impossible.

As to Europe she has practically broken up into the countries which have suffered from terrorism, knowing in practice that represents it angrily, such, as Spain, Italy, Great Britain, and on those whom yet has not touched. Basically it is the North European states. As a whole at Europe unlike the USA, Israel, Russia is not present the uniform model of fight against terrorism. From here and raznogolositsa in estimations of events in Moscow. No less than absence of understanding of that simple true that, sheltering terrorists, heads of these countries subject to real risk of own citizens.

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