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The American press has forgotten about sympathy

We sincerely cried together with America, looking at falling towers of the World shopping centre. For the first time it wanted to simple people to embrace and calm yesterday`s foes. Politicians for the first time have converged on universal harm of the terror, whatever belief there was a villain and wherever its bomb has blown up.

than America in days of our misfortune has responded us? Here editorial articles in two most influential newspapers of the USA.

“ Washington fast “: “ Even if communications of the grasped hostages with other groups of zealots will prove to be true, it is impossible to shade a difference between war of America with terrorism and war of Russia in the Chechen Republic... Maskhadov, the majority of the Chechen commanders and civilians of the Chechen Republic wage lawful war against vtorgnuvshihsja from the outside... “

“ Imagine that in the morning on September, 12th, 2001 a certain influential Russian newspaper would use terrorist attacks of previous day to chide the American government for its behaviour “ - the Russian ambassador in the USA Yury Ushakov has responded the newspaper.

“ New York tajms “ never directly names baraevtsev terrorists, but calls “ fighters “ sees in an event only “ some parallels “ with war of America against terror, recognises justice of offences of Chechens and gives advice to own government: “ If the USA want to help here, they should not pat Putin on a shoulder and to speak to it: at us - the general enemy “.

“ Our press, apparently, has at all forgotten and about sympathies of Russians after September, 11th, and that it means - an act of terrorism of such scale in thy city, - the employee of Stanford University Darlin Reddevej complains. - Journalists only also repeated that happened - blow for Putin, and blow merited. And thus in the American newspapers it was extremely difficult to find the citation with expression of sympathy, support and the solidarity, converted to Russians. Probably, to their huge disappointment “.
Andrey KABANNIKOV. (Ours sob. A correspondent) . Washington.

the Official representative of the White house has declared that the fault for  destruction of hostages in Moscow lays down on terrorists. “ the government and the people of Russia are victims of this tragedy “ - Ari Flejsher on a way to Washington from Los - Kabosa has told. “ No political complaints and discontent can justify capture and murder of hostages “ - has commented on the Moscow tragedy the US State department which has presented the condolences to families of victims.

Foreign embassies about storm have not warned LOSS

In a recreation centre building in the street Melnikova there were at least 75 foreign hostages. Most of all - citizens of Ukraine. As have declared in embassy of this country in Moscow, as a result of the operation performed by special services on clearing of hostages three Ukrainians were lost. The embassy has no the data on that, how much all Ukrainians was in the theatrical centre.

In embassy of the USA to us have declared that in the grasped building of a recreation centre was at least four citizens of the USA and one person who is looking like on a residence in America. While it was possible to find only one woman. Her already have discharged from hospital.

among victims also there are citizens of Armenia, Austria, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

at theatre there was also two subject Netherlands: Natalia Zhirova and her son Dmitry. The fellow managed to be found quickly in one of the Moscow hospitals, and Natalia was lost at storm.

by the way, about the beginning of storm of embassy did not warn.
Konstantin GOROKHOV, Maxim of SISKINS.

At Russian special troops was not a choice

- I Consider that at Russian members of spetsnaz it was not simple other choice when they were confronted with terrorists about 150 kg of an explosive, - the former head of one of the best in the world of the French groups of anti-terror GIGN captain Pol Berril has commented on storm results. - Any other power actions inevitably would lead to explosion and is considerable to the big losses. I know it firsthand - I in the world gave for the first time the order to apply gas against terrorists with an explosive, keeping hostages indoors. It has occurred on November, 20th, 1979 in Saudi Arabia where 200 insurgents have grasped a mosque complex in Mecca. After long negotiations in their hands there were 130 hostages. The majority of them has been rescued, and all terrorists are neutralised, when in a mosque tear gas CS of limiting concentration - 30 grammes on cubic metre has been started up. In Mecca, as well as in Moscow, hostages right after clearings had to render the emergency help.
Maxim TOKAREV. (Ours sob. A correspondent) Geneva.

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