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Match “ Ροΰπςΰκa “ with “ Basel “ it is postponed for a week

“ the Second game of tournament of League of champions between Swiss “ Basel “ and Moscow “ Spartakom “ as well as was supposed, will take place in Moscow. But it will be transferred for a week - since October, 30th for November, 6th. This choice has been made by UEFA in solidarity with the grief which has captured now Muscovites after tragical events of last week “ - representatives have commented on a press - services of UEFA the decision on date carrying over, but not the match places, accepted by its management in the evening on Sunday.

for two days before representatives of football club “ Basel “ whose command has beaten “ Spartak “ on the home field with the bill 2:0 also goes on the third place in group “ In “ Leagues of champions, were converted into UEFA with the request “ to transfer a match from Moscow in connection with the events occurring there threatening to security of the Swiss players “. However prompt though and not the bloodless permission of crisis has defined definitive - and the best for the Moscow fans - a verdict of organizers of tournament. In a staff - UEFA apartment believe that “ the Moscow authorities and law and order bodies will take all measures for safety of visitors and participants of forthcoming game “.
Maxim TOKAREV. (Ours sob. A correspondent) . Geneva.

the World has a bitter experience of carrying over of competitions

One year ago the most known sportsman on the earth, racer Michael Schumacher after act of terrorism on September, 11th dissuaded to go on a stage of Gran - at “ Formulas - 1 “ to the American Indianapolis. “ we should have courage and help people to leave catalepsy “ - the German - the multimillionaire has declared and has departed to the USA. During the same time the planet championships on free and Greek - the Roman struggle from America have transferred to Greece and Bulgaria.

in October 2002 - go two brothers naturalized in Switzerland - the football player of east origin declare that them force to fly to a scorching heat. The place where, in their opinion, there is a war, is Moscow, the fear for the lives eclipses to players reason.

but 9 - the million city continues to live, and a match “ Spartak “ - “ Basel “ will take place in capital of Russia. And the international starts of Gran - at on a judo will pass in circus in Color parkway. And the congress of the Olympic committees of the CIS and Baltic countries in Moscow in November to anybody and in a head has not come to cancel.

“ to save common sense and to constrain the spontaneous impulses international conflicts " can become which result; - the position of ours OKR in which to us have declared is that, in particular, that act of terrorism was not reflected in any way in intention of Russia to spend at itself the Olympic games - 2012. A similar position and concerning the European championship - 2008 for which we continue to apply.

human life is invaluable, the fear for it (why - that felt on safe distance), probably, is justified... But what for meaningly to speculate on tragedy and in advance to show the sports and human weakness? Not on - muzhski as - that. Though quite on - European.