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Kasyanov in Mexico said about storm carefully

that in Mexican Los - Kabos, on 10 - j summit ATES, instead of gross national product will depart prime minister Kasyanov, has been declared past Thursday, later two days after capture of hostages. Without special meditations having cancelled visits of the President of Russia to Germany and Portugal, in the Kremlin have decided not to scorn action for which gather 21 head of the states Jugo - East Asia and all three Americas.

the eyewitnesses observing Michael Kasyanov right after of an arrival in Los - Kabos, say that such devastated it yet did not see - whether almost daily flight, whether that two days before in Moscow it has spent standing has affected. About storm the Russian prime minister has learnt already in Mexico. To make comments on something before Putin`s performance on TV has refused and on a broader scale with the press communicated carefully, carefully selecting words. But in due course, in process of receipt of the information from Moscow, we have seen already other Kasyanov - elegant, self-assured.

three days at the summit Russia was in the attention centre. Presidents sympathised with victims and families of victims, expressed solidarity, and storm named successful and effective . However, as the new information on number of victims came, estimations became sderzhannee. And Americans constantly asked one question: What was gas? the answer have not received.

the remarkable fact: heads of all countries ATES along with acts of terrorism on Bali and Philippines in the most cruel image have denounced also capture of hostages in Moscow, and this paragraph has been included in the summit final statement - ours peregovorshchiki at which specificity of work, consider it as considerable success. In general, summit ATES - action for an idea purely economic - has unexpectedly turned in antiterrorist though next time in delegation of directors of FSB and SVR include. Among other results - support by the Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization countries ATES, the consent of some the states with on - former a firm position of the Russian Federation concerning the American variant of the resolution across Iraq, quite good results of separate negotiations of prime minister Kasyanov on economic and military - to technical cooperation. Many have paid attention and to the message of the Russian prime minister on possibility of a meeting of V.Putin and J. Bush - probably, already in very near future .