Rus News Journal

The daughter of director Mark Rozovsky, 14 - summer Sasha:

It has entered Sacred Vladimir`s children`s hospital in the street Sailor`s silence in 7. 15 mornings. Without consciousness. Absolutely green. It have revived and have there and then laid under a dropper. Parents of Sashi have come tearing along here immediately as soon as by means of doctor Roshalja have found out at last where there is their daughter. It was necessary to see Mark Rozovsky`s shining face - the known director who convulsively pulled out the big red apple from a coat pocket: I for Sashki have grasped It. To it now vitamins are required! near to it there was mum Sashi - Lana Sergienko, the actress of theatre Rozovsky.

- Sasha told: what has she worried for these three terrible days?

- Told... What Chechens good children as with a cud and their chocolates treated. As with children were politely converted. As joked and to little girls made advances. In general, typical Stockholm a syndrome. Well and more, of course, skilful work of well prepared terrorists which tried to gain hostages. And here towards the terrorists surrounded with an explosive children even were afraid to look: those behaved too aggressively. Said that they have already nothing to lose that their children and husbands are killed that war has deprived of their all and it now it is not terrible...

- and with meal as business was, how on a broader scale children suffered?

- Many - hardly. Because for all three days have eaten only one sandwich and a little Snickerses . And here Sashka kept. She on a broader scale has managed as - to be mobilised that and behaved very courageously. When someone from children has dropped a mobile phone, and the insurgent began to find out, whose tube, Sasha has safely declared: Mine!

- but after all also it was terrible for certain?

- Was. We about it talked to Sashej. It only - only starts to depart...

- Forgive, and what for an icon at you in hands?

- It was all these days with me. I have given a word that if with Sashkoj all will manage, I will necessarily be christened...