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Plays a glass Denisov murmurs in a stomach Lobaznjuk

In Barnaul have started to let out lemonade Sports for financial support of leading sportsmen of Altai. So, more recently inhabitants of Barnaul have been very surprised, having seen in shops aerated water with photos of sports stars of Altai. A series includes four kinds: skater Sergey Klevchenja became the Hand bell known skier Vitaly Deniss has expanded to the Pear garden under the Orange has put on athlete Tatyana Kotova, and small perspective gymnast Ekaterina Lobaznjuk has approached under the Green apple .

It is said that Sports it is made of natural components with sugar instead of saharozamenitelja and with the minimum use of concentrates. Drink release was adjusted by local businessmen at the initiative of the sports public of a city.

Ten copecks from each sold bottle are transferred into account to the sportsman that that could participate in prestigious competitions. Have uncorked at stuffy office a small bottle cold the Green apple - Lobaznjuk have helped.

Now it is possible is boundless to enjoy Lobaznjuk to cool a heat Denisov to savour Kotovu and to take on zapivku Klevchenju .

By the way, it not the first case, when known sportsmen find edible forms . For a long time already our children drink Alexander Karelin`s juice the Champion well and parents at a leisure uncork stronger forty-degree vodka on which the Olympic champion on rhythmic gymnastics Elena Shalamova is represented.