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In London have thought up new the Formula

command Domination Ferrari and German superracer Michael Schumacher is reduced by interest of spectators and advertisers to to the Formula - 1 . Bosses of the most popular auto racing on a planet, having come to such conclusion, began to scratch strenuously growing bald heads and in the course of this fascinating employment have accepted solomonovo the decision (by their own modest recognition).

On grand council in a pleasant place under the name London, breathing gasoline and fogs, misters Ecclestone (the chief F - 1 ) And the Moscow leah (the head of the international federation) have declared gentle revolution which will burst next year.

henceforth test points begin to receive not six, but eight racers, the first reached finish. The shop under a signboard " is closed; help the friend . In the past season owners Ferrari gave commands to the pilots Schumacher and Barrichello to pass each other on a line for the sake of achievement of optimum result for the command. Now similar games out of the law.

qualifying starts are henceforth stretched for two days. On Friday racers roll on a line in loneliness that nobody prevented to squeeze out a maximum of the possible of a race car. And on Saturday the shown best result starts... The last.

well and at last one of the European stages of Gran - is excellent at. From next year noise of motors will not intrude upon leisure of the Belgian place under the name of Spa. In peace Belgium as - that began to struggle unduly actively with a cigarette smoke, and the tobacco companies, as it is known, put up huge money in the Formula - 1 . A leah

Will shift monumental Schumacher`s innovations from its pedestal, we will see in a year.