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As I left in a monastery...

(continuation. The beginning in numbers for 23, on October, 24th and 26.)

Travail - the best gift for the nun

- it is necessary to Repent, and the Lord bestows redemption, - Asya catechizes me. - one woman bought things cheaply, the vein sold expensively, and. And has then come round, has gone to the aged man and has confessed. That speaks: Dig a tomb and lay down in a coffin . It has laid down, and native it in a tomb have lowered. Three days they heard its shouts from that tomb. And as all has calmed down, have lifted a coffin, and there one pure stones. Its hearts for three days have alive eaten. But the Lord bestowed it sin redemption, - with a happy smile the girl has finished vital history.

crucifyings in a monastery consider as the God`s gift. If the Lord sends a pain on the earth, means, gives chance to redeem a part of sins in this life and relieves of much stronger crucifyings after death.

once to a monastery has come palomnitsa. Business was on Thursday, nuns were going to wash and have heated a bath. And it is necessary to tell that a steam room in a monastery it is not simple pomyvka, and clarification from stuck filths evil spirits. It is considered that all rubbish flows down from a body with water and remains on wet to a floor. Therefore bath visitation in a monastery is strictly regulated: at first the most just - igumenja and old nuns, then young nuns and only then any visitors temporal after which the bath swarms evil spirits. But that day there was a terrible: the temporal woman, without having warned, has gone to wash the first!

- not only that it temporal so also dirty was, with monthly! - tragical whisper the mother of Seraphim remembers. - you represent, what hordes of evil spirits after it remained? It was necessary then a bath - that to cool yes to put out, before to wash. But me, guilty so it would be necessary! And here I have entered - without odezhi, not protected, - and all these evil spirits on me have at once rushed, my reason have stirred up. I, itself without understanding that I do, has scooped kovshik some pure boiled water and to myself on the person has poured out! The face skin boiled, kiselnaja has jumped out of a bath naked.

Some weeks after that the mother of Seraphim lay, without getting up, and round it in a lap days sobbed and girls prayed. The scalded eyes igumeni have swum away and did not open. Swollen, vospalenno - the scarlet piece of meat was not similar at all to the person and pulsed an intolerable pain. There was a Holy Week (days when policemen tormented Jesus Christ before a crucifixion).

- My God, thanks that has allowed to me to suffer with you, - the nun without interruption whispered. Is such kindness, happiness! Only leave to me eyes! Otherwise as I will complete a monastery?

gradually terrible burn was tightened gently - a pink thin skin, the tumour slept, and eyes have opened. The mother has begun to see clearly.

instead of tablets - prayers

assumption of the Birth-Giver of God. There is a celebratory service. With surprise I notice that the father is nervous: continually leaves from an altar in a distant side-altar of church. to the mother to Elizabeth it is bad - whisper is carried by on numbers. Elizabeth - one of the oldest nuns. Till the end of service yet there is less than hour. At the mother the liver is sick. But all attempts to withdraw it home are vain. With religious procession we go on street by a shop on which have set hardly live sister. With the last bit of strength it falls heavily on knees. To the termination of service of a lip at the mother of Elizabeth became violet, cold hands have started to shiver small, nails have turned blue. To a hedgehog it is clear: dies, but anybody and did not think to run to phone.

- urgently call Fast - has escaped at me.

- We cannot, - with a panic in a voice have whispered girls. - blessing of the mother Seraphims is necessary.

- she does not want. And I do not want to go against the will of such deeply believing person, - have gloomy summed up igumenja.

is a sin - not to be treated, the mother Elizabeth! It is impossible so to concern the health, - trying to be severe, the confused father has thundered.

- is not present, do not offend me, - the mother did not cry nearly.

we with Belief have picked up it under hands and have literally incurred in a mansion. (That she will die, I already and did not doubt.)

- Well though medicines - that at you is? - With hope I when we have entered into a cell have asked.

- Is, is!

- thank God! Where?

- sacred vodichka.

About My God!!!

about fifteen Years ago in a monastery where the mother Elizabeth went palomnitsej, she has asked waters to wash down tablets, on what any beata has responded: Go and throw out them! Holy water - the unique doctor . Elizabeth has vowed and observes it till now.

- you have felt it? - The Belief when we left a cell of the dying nun has silently asked.

- whom? - I was taken aback.

- Death. It has absolutely close approached. At it even the smell is. When you live in a monastery, constantly you fast. Sense of smell becomes aggravated, and that has very well begun to smell distinguish.

Really it seemed that the universal fear was as though materialised in something from what I would like to leave somewhat quicker.

- Perhaps it is not necessary to leave. To it there, probably, it is terrible one.

- to It anyway it is now terrible. Nearby we or not. After all, whoever nearby stood, the person always one dies.

the most interesting that in a monastery medicines are not forbidden, even there is a first-aid set. But on a prayer here hope more than for doctors. Also want name it auto-suggestion, want - by miracle, but operates.

that night there was a strong thunder-storm, and already at daybreak, through a rain roar, I heard, how some nuns still prayed for the mother Elizabeth in the cells. To them did not order igumenja. Simply they believed that this prayer will protect the fainted sister from a pain and fear. And Elizabeth has survived.


- the Mother, apparently, the promoter Seraphim in my cell mirotochit!

Informing igumene this news, I felt the full idiot. Well I do not believe in such miracles. Always considered that appearing on sacred choirs miro it is similar to dew. Burn with a number of a lampad, a candle, any temperature drop... And as result - wonderful a condensate. But here one of icons in my cell for a night has become covered by small scattering of fragrant drops, and the explanation to it was not: in a cell burnt nothing, it has been aired, nobody entered. And filter from a tree something too could not, an icon - that glazed, and miro has appeared on glass outer side.

even more I have amazed that nuns and did not think to be surprised. They were baptised and rejoiced mirotochashchej to an icon, as to something very good, but quite usual.

and all so is quiet... However, miracles of the nun really concern, as to the ordinary. For example, I some times heard successively, how in conversations certain Seraphim was mentioned. He piles came to bless that, to children local talked... Who could think that it was a question not of any local aged man, and about a phantom of sacred Seraphim Sarovsky! And mirotochashchie icons and recovering from a cancer in a sacred source people - simply daily norm.

in a monastery there is no place of a usual reality. It do not remember and do not think. Rely on the God`s help, instead of on the government. But that the most tremendous, works.

once after two hours of my fruitless attempts to phone to Moscow in matushkinu a reception devot sister Allochka has come.

- And you return grace, - it has lifted sympathetic brovki over thick lenses of points.

I have there and then crossed on icons, but obstinate phone and did not think to connect.

- My God, help, - has tenderly whispered Allochka.

she has not had time to complete the begun cross, in a tube long-awaited hooters were heard.

And as - that at dinner to the mother have informed that if it will not repay debts workers will leave.

- what to do - that, building will stop! Where to take see you tomorrow ten thousand roubles?! My God, help!

she as any old acquaintance has called has not had time to cross and has informed that carries foreign tourists. Next day Englishmen have offered to a monastery of exactly ten thousand roubles.

(in the following number - the termination of adventures Yaroslavs in a monastery. It will answer a question, what for beautiful, young girls recant from the world in the XXI-st century.)