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Parodist Alexander Peskov: Mine stalinka will be from Versace!

though in apartment for the present till the end of it is issued nothing, Alexander has kindly accepted the correspondent within the precincts of the future dwelling.

as the owner, that day when it paid purchase apartametov has told, at it in a horoscope appeared: the Peacock dismisses the tail before an ancient castle . Alexander considers it as a sign from above - the Stalin skyscraper in the capital centre can quite associate with the old lock.

- for me is the present Moscow, - Alexander considers. - for this reason I also did not begin to buy habitation in fashionable elite houses. I remember films 50 - 60 - h years old Moscow. I like that period, I like to look films of those times.

to live in this house fanned by olden time, Sand has offered square metres. He could buy apartment much more on the area, but as a result has chosen this is to modern measures not the greatest, about two rooms.

- we have issued all papers, necessary to make re-planning, and to us have allowed to clean bearing walls. The flat became slightly more. Now at me one bedroom, studio and a bathroom. And this variant is pleasant to me.

conceiving design of new apartment, Sand was guided by Versace style. On its taste, on that house in which the known fashion designer lived in Miami.

- there is such statement: I will clean The house colours! at Versace such style. And me it very much to liking.

the furniture of black colour with the stylised gold lions already is now bought. Versace many scarfs from which curtains, coverlets, an upholstery on furniture, pillows will be sewed are reserved.

- We even vtihuju have made mask moulds gorgony Jellyfishes not to reserve them in Italy. Russian sharpness, it everywhere helps!

with builders to Alexander has carried. Them has married off the close girlfriend of the parodist. If usually after work of builders there is a terrible mess in even not completed apartment Peskova almost ideal order reigns. And if at the beginning Sasha supervised each step of builders now trusts them completely. They buy building materials, give a practical advice and at times even tyre with the meticulousness. Peskova sometimes have a sensation that it they to themselves do apartment.

- it is ready to everyone to marry off these professionals. And it will not be a shame to me with them, because I on the skin have understood that such people in the country Soviet are.

the Owner - parodist Alexander Peskov.
the House - the two-storeyed reconstructed apartment in the Stalin house in the capital centre.
style - from Versace which Sasha considers as the standard of good taste.
the most unusual place - a bathroom in the spirit of a term.
prevailing tone - gold, gold and more time gold.


the Bathroom of Sand has decided to make in the spirit of a term, old Roman baths.

- It would be desirable, that there was a sensation as if the Acropolis only have dug out, a brush have walked, and everything that there remains, is my bathroom. And though now Donatella Versace, the sister of the fashion designer, offers a modern tile, it wanted to me to issue a bathroom in ancient style.

by the way, the horoscope of Peskova asserts that in antecedents the parodist lived in Rome and was the smith.

- if it so it is quite possible that I forged a sword of Kaligule or to Caesar. Perhaps, my predilections and sensations therefrom.

Me pulls by this epoch. Therefore and the apartment is made in Roman to stylistics.