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Hostage Karina Nevstrueva: it is a pity To me of one of our torturers

the Student of Military academy Karinu Nevstruevu have released from hospital to evening of Saturday. Directly therefrom, together with 10 - summer son Vitej, the woman has gone home to mum to Serpukhov situated near Moscow therefore as support of relatives for it has appeared the best psychological rehabilitation. For study it, most likely, does not leave some more days - is too weak. But Karina has agreed to tell to us about the terrible imprisonment by phone.

- it is difficult to scroll now this nightmare again, but I will forget it hardly soon.

on representation the North - Ost 27 - summer Karinu together with the son have free of charge sent from academy. Beautiful invitations have given out directly in some hours prior to the beginning of a musical so Nevstruevy very much were afraid to be late in theatre. Would be late is better.

- After the first certificate we with Vitej had easy a bite in foyer and have returned to a hall (13 - j a number, the fourth and fifth places), - tells Karina. - the scene " has just begun; pilots . Suddenly among dancing crowd there was a man in a camouflage and has started to shoot from the automatic machine upwards. We still were surprised, performance is how much realistic! The person with the automatic machine has started something to shout, already precisely I do not remember, what exactly. Here near to me of villages very excited man, apparently, it was late to the beginning of the second certificate and it violently delivered inside. I have asked it: This shooting - a musical part? no, - responds, is already on - to the present . On a broader scale terrorists had some complete sets of clothes - within three days some changed clothes that in black, in elegant suits.

... In some hours terrorists have started to release children. Among them there was also son Kariny Vitja. Having waited the grandmother who has arrived for the grandson from Serpukhov, has gone home. And mum and remained among hostages, and Vitja very much worried about it.

- when terrorists began to make lists, I have oriented and presented by the citizen of Ukraine, - continues Nevstrueva. - Thank God, in embassy it have confirmed. Us have replaced in a separate corner, but were converted on the same level with all the others. By the way, not all terrorists behaved equally. To tell the truth, even it is a pity to me of one of our torturers - Idrisa. Always it was possible to call to him, and it came to the rescue. And when before storm to us the elderly man has broken and has demanded to give its small son, he tried to intercede for the madman. Shouted to Baraevu that precisely knows - the boy on a balcony. Alas, it has not helped the man - it have deduced from a hall. Then I have heard shots...

for the third day there has come despair. I have not noticed storm. Simply very much has wanted to sleep. I have laid down on a floor and have started to calm myself: Here so I also will die - silently, without a pain . But something in me spoke: It is impossible to close eyes, distract itself something . Further - it is vague. I remember that me and more two girls have carried in any room. There there was a table, with meal and expensive bottles - probably, there - that and gangsters ate. Someone has given to us of milk. Then I have seen that one of neigbours began to faint - breath it was not simple. I have crept up, have opened to it a mouth, have pulled out language and began to do artificial breath. More precisely, I think that it did: I left such sounds, most it was terrible. Well and further there was already a hospital...