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Moslems will not pray for the peace of terrorists

Near the Moscow mosque at sport centre Olympic populously. After a prayer discussion of tragical events begins hot. it not devout Moslems, - is told by church-goer Shamil, - they are simply covered with Islamic belief to have any base. And actually - simple gangsters . Why we should bear for them responsibility? - The woman working as the watchwoman in a mosque, the Moslem asks as though itself. - after all still even it is not known, a leah terrorists were Moslems. Here now in live there was one terrorist, but she is a Georgian, and in Georgia, as it is known, - Orthodoxy. Among terrorists were, I know, not only Georgians, but also Azerbaijanians, and Tadjiks . This business far from religion, - the low church-goer, refused to be presented assures. - and consequently all events at all have not shaken our belief .

Leah will be special service on victims? - I ask the young minister of a mosque. we wait for results - a leah there were among the lost hostages Moslems, - he has responded. - if were, we by and by will arrange pominanie, we will ask the Lord to forgive their sins. Islam against all kinds of terror. Our mufti acted on the TV and has told an official position: we against violence, we for the world. The one who goes to kill, ceases be the believing person. We will not remember them - and any mosque in the world will not remember them. Now, when they were lost, they in the power of God. We will not ask to forgive them because they have sinned for which it is impossible to forgive...

They have substituted all of us!

Yesterday I have come into the nearest snackbar with which fill Caucasians . I ask the Tadjik with a little strange for our widths a name of Manuchehr:

- There are problems in connection with events in Dubrovke?

- Yes I these items. Owls would kill! The soldier should war against the soldier, instead of against the pregnant woman or the child!

its friend here enters:

- Yes all of them have substituted us! Today four times have checked up me! You think, it is pleasant, when you consider as the criminal? I have arrived here from Dagestan and I live here seven years. I want to live in peace with all! To me nobody did harms, and I will make to nobody harms! And these... I would kill!

I have asked Oleg, the bearded person which Caucasian origin the full idiot could doubt only.

- Oleg, someone has offended you after these events?

- I lead the life. At me the business. To the Chechen Republic I have no relation. I, if am fair, I do not see any way out. The Chechen Republic in the centre of Russia. Well and where it to put? And if they do such actions is from powerlessness. Terrorism - the tool powerless. But it terrible and ruthless.
Alexander of BAGS.