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In Copenhagen Chechens

Despite the protest made by Russia, the Danish government have gathered and has not changed the decision of that the world Chechen congress has the right to pass in Copenhagen. After a sabbatical drama in Moscow embassies of Denmark worldwide indifferently continued to give out free visas to delegates of this hastily called meeting. Among them it has appeared and the special representative of the president of Ichkeria Ahmed Zakaev. Russian play muscles, but the bases to accuse us in support of terrorists at them are not present - the Minister of Justice of kingdom Lena Espersen categorically declares. Thus for couple of days to the congress, on a press - conferences, Zakaev has acted with the obvious threats which are giving the chance without effort to distinguish, he counts on what orientation of congress: it is Still good that these people have not grasped the atomic power station. The result would be where more terribly. We cannot guarantee that the similar does not happen in the future .

Still earlier a number of experts has put forward the assumption about skoordinirovannosti terms of carrying out of the congress and capture of hostages. There is a high probability of that the act of terrorism directly has been dated for meeting in Copenhagen. Having kept the exhausted hostages till Monday, terrorists had an opportunity to bring the requirements to the notice the wide public, using someone from participants of the congress.

Moscow has reacted rigidly, having declared that congress carrying out does impossible the visit planned for November to Denmark Vladimir Putin and its meeting there with EU management. The disturbed Copenhagen already has suggested to transfer the summit Russia - EU to Bruxelles.

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