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Terrorists have achieved that?

Lyudmila FEDJANTSEVA, the logopedist of the Moscow kindergarten, the former hostage in the theatrical centre on Dubrovke:

- They have achieved a shame! I here think: a leah there was this bloody robbery by the indicative certificate of terrorists before their concourse in Denmark? Consider, us have released, and all has ended? No! I hope, our power a sortie of terrorists in Moscow it is simple so will not leave.

Boris NEMTSOV, the leader of Union of Right Forces:

- From the point of view of the war termination in the Chechen Republic - anything. The conclusion of federal armies is possible, but not now. It is a subject of negotiations with everything, except terrorists. It is obvious that there it is necessary to move political process, and terrorists only have braked it. The main thing that they have achieved - an aggravation of the hated relation of Russians to Chechens. The Union of Right Forces will insist on political settlement of the Chechen problem. The military decision is not present! Though, of course, some clever men will want to wipe out the Chechen Republic, but it cannot be admitted!

Yury LUZHKOV, the mayor of Moscow:

- these drama days we were definitively convinced that among leaders of the Chechen separatists there are no partners with which it would be possible to carry on negotiations. Act of terrorism in Moscow has once again proved: neither Maskhadov, nor Basayev, Zakaev do not represent legitimate forces of the Chechen Republic.

Gleb PAVLOVSK, the president of Fund of an effective policy:

- After act of terrorism in Moscow the leader of separatists Maskhadov who has appeared in the same row with Baraevym and Basayev, ceases to be a political figure. Last chance of a worthy exit for Maskhadov from a current situation is to surrender to the Russian authorities.

Oleg nechiporenko, the general director of National antiterrorist fund of the Russian Federation:

- Insurgents have given a lesson of unprecedented cruelty of all antiterrorist coalition. I hope, events of last days will push the West to development more a hard line across the Chechen Republic and rupture of all relations with its illegal armed formations.

Elena SERGIENKO, the professor of Institute of psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the doctor of psychological sciences:

- They have achieved that have shown to all of us as we are vulnerable. We cannot make long-term plans because all can be destroyed suddenly. Now it is necessary to each person to reconstruct in itself a psychological image of the world. And this reorganisation will last not less half a year.

Valery PYHTEREV, the manager. The teenage centre at 15 - j to the Moscow clinical psychiatric hospital:

- Anything they have not achieved. Have come to grief. Among our patients of a mass psychosis is not present. Only units, suffering affliction phobias, had new psychological fears - fear of act of terrorism.

Magomed NUNUEV, the student of the Moscow legal institute:

- have achieved Nothing, and here have worse made all: to hostages, their native, relatives, all inhabitants of the Chechen Republic, us, the Moscow Chechens. I am afraid that the relation to us both the authorities, and simple Muscovites becomes even worse now.

Yury SHEVCHYUK, the leader of group DDT :

- Terrorists have forced to reflect that is created in the Chechen Republic, even those whom it before formally did not concern . Similar act of terrorism could happen and half a year back because war should come to Moscow. As it to stop, I do not know. But now over it it is necessary to think every second...

to acres HAZAM, the chief of the Moscow bureau of a broadcasting company Al - Dzhazira (Qatar):

- Act of terrorism in Moscow has been directed against Putin`s policy. Insurgents therefore wanted negotiations and concessions that hoped thereby to humiliate the power. It it was not possible to them. Do not begin building storm, tomorrow there could be a new act of terrorism. Though I do not exclude probability of the following sortie of terrorists.

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