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Why Moscow SOBR did not participate in theatre storm?

on the bill of the Moscow special group of fast reaction (SOBR) for ten years three and a half thousand released hostages. These special troops stormed May Day and Budyonnovsk, has spent hundreds operations against the Chechen insurgents and the Moscow gangsters. They are perfect fighters - versatile persons: snipers, demolition men, machine gunners, granatometchiki, climbers, rukopashniki both other, and other...

they are officers: from the lieutenant to the colonel. These are those wolfhounds which held in thrill even the most freezed bratkov . Everyone is awarded the order or a fighting medal. The majority carries on a body of a mark of gangster bullets or splinters. Muzhiks in the prime of life - till thirty five years. But pensioners much already: year of service is set off by it for three.

you will not believe: near the theatrical centre on these Dubrovke spetsy have appeared are not claimed. By the order of the Minister of Internal Affairs from September, 16th of this year SOBRy central administrative boards on all federal districts (so, and Central) are liquidated. Over hundred fighters have received notices of layoff. In expectation of the further destiny they are deduced for staff. Moreover, have already started to pass the weapon and equipment to group of militia of a special purpose. And when on Dubrovke operation " has begun; the Thunder-storm for zashtatnyh sobrovtsev places in the fighting I build was not. But have mobilised militian personnel officers, pasportistov, financiers, business executives... However, others participated in special action SOBRy - GUBOPa and the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs.

officers SOBRa explain own izgojstvo banal squaring of accounts of a new management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with a legacy of Rushajlo .

Ten years ago in militian bowels the structure, called to overcome all organised crime - at first in the Moscow region (RUBOP), and then and in all our power (GUBOP) was born. One feature of newborn structure converted on itself: she submitted only to father Ru (Rushajlo) and to the President of Russia. It ostensibly excluded pressure of regional barons. As a matter of fact, there was a parallel independent Ministry of Internal Affairs. With the operas and special troops.

Ubopovtsy for good reason undertook zealously, even too: criminal groupings not only were smashed, but also at times were replaced with fighters with the organised crime. It spoke ostensibly necessity to take under militian (read: personally Rushajlo) control illegal monetary streams. However, in ours new Russian time for it do not abuse: everyone turns, as can.

but Rushajlo has, seemingly, threatened on the sacred: It syskari have too close stolen up to very high officials and politicians. And sobrovtsy, possibly, even which - whom have stuck with the person into asphalt. Now to all of them have remembered: and kryshevanie businessmen, and masks - show and contempt for any inviolability. Not zachlis neither the Chechen business trips, nor the crushed gangs, courage, professionalism, non-failure operation.

while politicians and chiefs settle scores with each other, fighters of elite divisions appear on a service roadside. The major or lieutenant colonel SOBRa will not go to the local, pieces of paper to shift in any department - too. Zamuchaet melancholy on the automatic machine... And for us, ordinary citizens, they any more protection. And after all there, on Dubrovke, sobrovtsy superfluous would not be.

P. S.

the Answer to a question How you estimate activity SOBRa? (Meaning the Moscow group of militian special troops) - we tried to receive at professionals.

representatives of special divisions in it is underlined to the official form have declared that preparation level, character, quality of actions in fighting conditions of special group of fast reaction next they have not the right to estimate department. Having departed from interdepartmental ethics and corporate solidarity, have informally informed that along with excellent guys in SOBRe there are those who has brought from the Chechen Republic ill fame of marauders and bespredelshchikov (whom more - bad or good it was not specified).

We have sent inquiry about the reasons of disbandment SOBRov addressed to Minister of Internal Affairs Boris Gryzlov. The answer is not received yet.

we know that in days of opposition on Dubrovke on mobile phones of some officers disbanded SOBRa children from the same " called; Alphas and the Pendant With a question And you - that where? We know also that sobrovtsy in the first night have come to the staff on Shabolovka, but have got the heave-ho.

we do not want geroizirovat SOBR, to do of it a scarecrow for the inhabitant. But what these some tens persons were capable to stop criminals of any degree steepnesses - the fact which recognise practically all. A leah will win a society from disbandment SOBRa? The question remains opened...

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