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Vladimir protect girls with dogs

They minister in a city battalion patrol - sentry duty. While militiamen on point duty in skirts five. It on 19 - 20 years. All of them are graduates of the Jurevetsky educational centre of the Department of Internal Affairs. Predictably, two more kursantki will finish study and leave on streets in a year.

militiamen in Vladimir do not suffice. In city battalion PPS the shortage makes almost 30 percent, moreover a part of its employees regularly send to the Chechen Republic. Therefore to girls - to militiamen in the city Department of Internal Affairs are glad.

they go on a city together with colleagues - men. Any indulgences it is not necessary to them: are on duty in shifts, for eight hours, both in the afternoon, and at night. At everyone full equipment: a bludgeon, a portable radio set and a pistol. And everyone is accompanied by a dog. All girls - professionals - cynologists, had training special preparation. And dogs for patrol service prepare in nursery in Vladimir. Girls chose the sheep-dogs still in shchenjachem age and nurtured. Dogs are brought so that obey only the mistress in shape .

the First experiences have shown that pair the girl with a dog often provokes infringers. Already there were some attacks on patrols. Drunk muzhiks started to lift up little girls and to tease dogs. All of them have been braided and detained. However, anybody from hooligans has not suffered from the dog teeth. Girls - patrolmen can stand for themselves and without dogs as they own receptions of hand-to-hand fight.

Elena Tcherkasov, 19 years:

- the Militiaman I wanted to become at school. My father works in militia many years, he and has advised to begin work with patrol - sentry duty. Special difficulties on service are not present. Meanwhile in serious incidents did not participate. But associates conceive often the girl in shape not as the militiaman and as - that is frivolous.

It would be desirable to add: well also will regret...