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26 million Russians will lose municipal privileges

Tomorrow, on October, 31st, the State Duma will solve, a leah to give “ green light “ to new offers of the Cabinet on housing and communal services reform. The government suggests to reduce sharply number of municipal exempts, and malicious defaulters to move in hostels.

five naive questions on government plans

1. What have ministers conceived?

In March in Gosstroy have begun to wail: if the people urgently do not fork up, we are threatened with municipal accident - to 80 % of coppers and pipes on all country have rusted and are hanging by a thread.

the government there and then “ has baked “ amendments to the Law “ About bases of a federal housing policy “. To That which forbids to take from the population 100 - percentage fee of housing and communal services before 2008. It is supposed will lock to cancel, and input terms “ the rent on full “ to assign to governors. Moscow should establish only a lath above which is not permitted to raise the rent within a year.

but the main thing - columns of exempts can fine thin. Now discounts on payment of utilities use about 47,6 million person, or third of population of Russia. Indulgences in the rent to such abyss of the people flies to the country almost in 40 billion roubles a year. For treasury it is an excessive burden.

2. What is offered instead of privileges?

the Number of exempts has considerably grown after 1993 when the right to grants have adhered to level of incomes. To families, whose incomes below a living wage, now it is authorised to pay for habitation half of minimum wage rate. As have explained in Gosstroy, it is only... 50 roubles. Now such privilege will not be. Instead of it needy ljud officials intend to send all behind municipal grants. They will rely in the event that the family monthly gives kommunalshchikam more than 22 % of the money received by all members “ society cells “. Regions this height can at own discretion (and to the budget) to lower. But to lift up above already it will be impossible.

It is necessary to empty a pocket and for a spacious living space. If in apartment 18 square metres on one living - any privileges and grants for these " there are more; lordly “ excesses it is not necessary.

In doubt privileges for veterans of work and back, honourable donors and more several categories of the merited Russians - all about 26 million persons. Honourable mission to sweeten with it a pill also is given governors: they should sponsor 50 - percentage discounts on payment of utilities to veterans. And the federal government washes hands.

3. For what it is necessary to pay?

Tenants of not privatised apartments will force to pay more soundly also for habitation employment. The size of it “ a quitrent “ will depend on on what floor there is an apartment, a leah is in the house the lift as it is close to city centre, bus stop and etc. In a word, the more attractively a flat - the will lay out for its employment more. Experts say that after such innovation the rent will grow twice.

It is not necessary to relax and what apartments are privatised. Ministry of economic development and trade prepares for them a similar surprise. Most likely, by 2004 the law according to which the annual tax to the property begin to charge will be passed proceeding not from inventory cost of habitation, as now, and from the market. And it above the first times edak in 20 - 30!

4. And if there is no money?

the Families which were not paying for not privatised apartment half a year, the government suggests to move in hostels. The decision on it will accept in each specific case court. And here after payment of debts the bill why - that does not provide return moving to apartment.

5. A leah deputies will go on it?

State Duma Re-elections have just for 2003 therefore the unpopular measures offered by ministers, have frightened even the Duma centrists. They have already demanded to save privileges for rural intelligency and to forbid eviction of defaulters which detain salaries. And municipal tariffs to raise it is no more than on 50 % from growth of incomes of the population in each concrete region.

nevertheless amendments have good chances of approval by the Duma. In budget already accepted in the second reading - 2003 on municipal privileges it is cut only 13,8 billion roubles. But to the aid of regions for financing of unprofitable housing and communal services it is put much more. If by means of this iron argument it will be possible to prevail upon centrists, with communists and “ jablochnikami “ it is possible not to stand on ceremony.

Sergey KRUGLIK, the first vice-president of Gosstroy of the Russian Federation:
Governors have no right not to find money for veterans

- Who has told, what the government has decided to cancel privileges to veterans? Simply bill accurately differentiates: who and for what should pay. In the project of the federal budget - 2003 for the first time there was a line “ on municipal privileges “ - 13,8 billion roubles. At the expense of this money of a privilege Heroes, invalids, " will receive; chernobyltsy “ etc. - only 24 categories of citizens. Those privileges that are provided by the Law “ About veterans “ should be paid from budgets of regions. To cancel their governors have no right.

till now it turned out so: the federal centre carries out of the obligations, and regions - is not present. As a result extreme there are housing and communal services enterprises. They give nobody the paid privileges and incur losses.

Oleg SHEYIN, the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation:
the Rent is already overestimated on a quarter!

Now it is necessary to talk not about privileges, and about putting in order in housing and communal services. On the main networks spreads more than 25 percent of water. And we all it pay: specifications of consumption of services are overestimated in 2 - 3 times. If to establish counters, the population should not overpay kommunalshchikam for exempts. The full transparency of housing and communal services is necessary also. For example, auditor check in the Barrow has shown that by means of additions and other frauds payments under municipal receipts were overestimated on a quarter.

to whom will save privileges:
- to Heroes of Soviet Union and Russia;
- to Heroes of Socialist Work;
- to full gentlemen of order of Glory;
- to full gentlemen of order of Labour Glory;
- to victims of political repressions;
- suffered from radiation in Chernobyl, Semipalatinsk and on ON “ the Beacon “;
- to invalids of three groups and children - to invalids.

who will fork up on οξλνξι:*
- veterans of work;
- workers of back;
- veterans of military service;
- veterans of civil service;
- honourable donors;
- rural teachers, doctors, veterinary surgeons;
- sotsrabotniki on village.

*Β a case if money for preservation of privileges will not find regional budgets.

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