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Colds on - russki: vodka rises in price, instead of fur coats

Fuel hunger does not threaten us

As has informed Goskomstat, last weeks the prices for gasoline have practically stood. Analysts of Russian fuel agency (MOUTH) believe that the price calm will last and in November: petrofactories work stably, to increase excises the government threatens only since January, and many motorists with approach of colds put the iron horses on a trick.

it is necessary To be stirred to only capital goers. Rest to them do not give to passion round the Moscow oil refining factory: messages are continually strewed that raw materials stocks there remains per day - two. But, as have assured us in the MOUTH, fuel hunger does not threaten Muscovites. If necessary it is possible to increase without problems deliveries gorjuchki from other factories. Thus the price of the most running gasoline AI - 92 will increase slightly - copecks on 30 - 50.

And chernoburki do not bite at all!

It appears, on the threshold of winter it is not necessary to be afraid of the prices for furs.

- by experience of last year price splash on fur coats and dublenki has had for September. In September of the price have grown for 6 percent, and then they decreased. By this winter for any special increases we do not wait, - the main research assistant of Institute of research tovarodvizhenija and conjuncture of the wholesale market of Elena LOBACHYOV considers. - it is connected with enormous overstocking. At us a granary of furs and fur coats. It is visible even on TV advertising. In the late autumn sellers still will start to entice in every possible way the buyer discounts and sales. Same dublenku I personally saw one of these days for 8 thousand and - just the same, but at other fair - for 3 thousand. A result: by the end of November if there will be what seasonal rise in prices for fur products, hardly more than for 1 percent.

the Villain with a label will fly in copeck

When the degree in the street goes down, in a glass it raises. With approach of colds the people are switched from beer to something pogorjachee. Accordingly the prices in shops react at once to demand change.

- in the near future the people will start to prepare for November feasts and New year, both the prices for vodka and champagne will grow, - the chairman of the board of National alcoholic association Paul SHAPKIN considers. - champagne will rise in price percent on 5, vodka - on 7. And vodka will rise in price and further: since new year excises increase by 15 percent on white-headed naturally, the manufacturer will put them in product cost. And here cost of natural wines, most likely, will not change - the tax to them since January of the next year will decrease, but it hardly will affect the prices.

beer will not rise in price in the near future. The season when the people whip its butts, has already passed. Therefore manufacturers, being afraid still bolshego falling of demand, the prices will not touch.

Sausage we will hang up in grammes

Lately chicken meat has overtaken in the price pork and beef. But now, when to us have again carried Bush`s legs dealers a beaten bird are urged to moderate the appetites.

- to November feasts on 1 - 2 percent can rise in price only pork, - the analyst of Institute of a conjuncture of the agrarian market (IKAR) Larissa DOROGOVA believes. As she said, time when peasants amicably pinned up the pigs, has already passed. Nevertheless both pork, and beef now in the market it is a lot of. So, highly to lift up the prices there is no reason.

by the end of November sausages will rise in price. In many regions tariffs on " have grown; a communal flat . And meat-packing plants are urged to lift cost prices, but slightly, on 1 - 2 percent - differently will lose buyers.

the Dollar escapes, the euro catches up

with Euro some months try to keep step with dollar. But rupture between them will be saved and in November.

- the euro exchange rate to dollar hardly will change. The American and European economy counterbalance each other. Most likely, to the beginning of December will give $0,97 - 0,98 for euro, - the expert of investment group " considers; the Renaissance the Capital Alexey MOISEYEV.

but from green wait for jump forward. Experts have foretold to dollar 31 rouble of 90 copecks by the end of November.

- inflation, rouble devalviruetsja continues to grow, on this background the US dollar exchange rate rises, - the analyst of agency " considers; RBC Alexander AFONIN.

you Will buy grechku - the heart

In October sveklovody will stand fill up sugar factories with root crops, and sugar, as a rule, becomes cheaper. Alas, but contrary to all expectations in this autumn sweet sand, on the contrary, has risen in price.

- now sharp price jumps should not be, - analyst IKAR (Institute of a conjuncture of the agrarian market) tells Evgenies IVANS. - after all a season of preparation of jam already behind. Within a month sugar can add in the price only 1 - 1,5 percent.

and here millet, grechka and rice shortly to much become too hard.

- this year peasants have reduced areas under crops of these cultures, - Evgenie Ivans explains, - besides there was a poor harvest. As result - the prices have already grown on 5 - 7 percent and for November will jump up approximately on as much.