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Today in Moscow will bury six hostages

Yesterday from capital to Chelyabinsk the plane with the first " has taken off; cargo 200 onboard. Its Lyudmila Vladimirovny Tovmasjan`s body native have wished to bury in the homeland every day to carry flowers to a tomb. Today mournful flights will go from all airports of capital: to Krasnodar, Minsk, Kerch... But most of all among the lost Muscovites.

as has informed us State Unitary Enterprise Sacramental engaged in funeral of victims of capture of the theatrical centre on Dubrovke, the terrible list of the identified victims has reached 96 persons. First six will bury in capital already today.

Each family which has lost relatives, will receive 14 thousand 200 roubles. All expenses are included in this mournful sum on a burial place: registration of the stamp certificate on death, a coffin upholstered with a fabric, a mourning coverlet, a tape, a cost of transportation and a time marble slab 4060 centimetres.

relatives of victims can choose Cemeteries. The capital government has opened for the first time all churchyards, even on what burial places are forbidden for a long time.