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No, such hockey is not necessary to us!

on Tuesday we with the son - the teenager have taken seat in front of the TV. It is interesting to it that so has ploughed up me during that time when I was the same age, as it. To me it is curious, a leah will feel it the same that I felt - terribly to think - 30 years ago!

At once two TV channels promised to show the Montreal match on September, 2nd, 1972 - the first of a legendary hockey superseries of games of Canadian national teams and the USSR. At first record have started up on 7 TV and trace - on ORT. We honesty switched buttons, but...

Both here, and there on the screen like all for what we waited. That great hockey madness. As Maltsev, and as one left " extremely was crafty; did defenders Yakushev and as Canadians could not keep up with Kharlamov! And same raging Espozito and Mahovlichi. We - that have shown to them present kuzkinu mother I remember, how itself skipped the boy round the TV with happiness!

... But paternal - that does not happen a feast promised by television. Well how to pass the son in words that atmosphere, that air which breathed - the whole country stuck to screens faded? What there opposition of two systems - I, the boy, supported ours! The same as now my son. Only, alas, the sensation of happiness when we CONQUER, And AS is not too familiar to it! So that commentator Nikolay Ozerov strained a voice - and all country in ecstasy repeated following: No, such hockey is not necessary to us! it when hvalenye the Canadian professionals very much became impudent.

and where all it now? In the TV against the muffled English-speaking commentator there was a lazy conversation of commentator Victor Gusev with the veteran of that national team Evgenie Zimin... Here Zimin on the screen throws a washer (I want to hear how Ozerov shouts 30 years ago!) . Gusev is impressive asks Zimin as supposedly it was possible to it. That slowly expounds supposedly Yakushev grazed has given, has led round one, has sustained a pause, and... Yes saw we it, saw just! Already Tretjaka press!

it is strange. Here game was saved in record. Great game. But... Together with disappeared ozerovskim the comment something else was gone from a TV screen very important... Perhaps just that sensation of UNIVERSAL PRIDE OF ours? Not the most bad sensation.

And where records with Ozerov`s comment?

- I Am afraid that already anybody and never will see the Russian version, - has sadly explained the deputy the general director 7 TV Vladimir Kuznetsov. - I personally tried to find for those videocassettes. It has appeared that in fund Gosteleradio it have simply degaussed some years ago. Have considered, probably that it will be hardly demanded. Therefore also have bought record from Canadians... If there were with us any second fragments of that superseries, they in private collections, and that on VHS - carriers...

we have phoned in fund Gosteleradio. But here to us have explained that, in - the first, cartridges arriving to them with a video data do not degauss, and in - the second, cartridges with record of a superseries of the USSR - Canada of 1972 to them did not arrive at all... Then where they?


If you casually are the owner of records of games of a superseries of the USSR - Canada 30 - summer prescription with Ozerov`s inimitable comment, will call by, please, in edition to phone 257 - 51 - 49.