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At congress of Chechens minute of silence

have done without After Russia has occupied a hard line concerning world congress of Chechens passing in Copenhagen, having declared that carrying out of similar meeting is some kind of support of terrorists, the government of Denmark has decided to continue finding-out of relations with Moscow. The local Ministry of Foreign Affairs has demanded to confirm charges by the facts and has underlined that the authorities of Denmark have checked up, whom are participants of the congress .

By the way, Russians on the congress it is a little. After tragedy in Moscow a number of the invited have decided not to go to Copenhagen. Nevertheless the majority of the present tell or understand on - russki. Among known participants - Ruslan Hasbulatov, Andrey Babitsky.

anything essentially new in speeches acting does not sound. Demand to stop war in the Chechen Republic, to begin negotiations with mashadovtsami in the presence of the international observers. Event in the Russian capital name tragedy, shock, however minute of silence in memory of victims in the theatrical centre did not begin to declare...

In interview to correspondent Ruslan HASBULATOV, eks - the chairman of the Supreme body of RSFSR, has told:

About participants of congress of Chechens:

not terrorists Here have gathered. And that who confirms the return, it is necessary to cut off language! It is necessary to cut off in literal, physical sense language to the one who it speaks. I that, will have affairs with terrorists?

about the participation in congress:

And why I cannot arrive on the congress? Why it is the president interferes, what, he on a broader scale cannot be spent? I have nurtured, have prepared more than hundred candidates of science and twenty doctors of sciences. Excuse, and what Putin has made? I do not know, who from us is more devoted to Russia .

About with whom to carry on negotiations in the Chechen Republic:

With Maskhadov to conduct! I conducted with it regular correspondence. We have prepared the plan of an establishment of the world, negotiations. Maskhadov has agreed with me that it is necessary to go this way .

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