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In the Kremlin have fallen in love with children. For money

From the beginning of year when Putin has declared war with homelessness who only did not shed tear concerning a distress of kiddies. Before, truth, having chosen a convenient television foreshortening. What only funds and forums were not fed up on a poor orphaned field.

passing on Tuesday not where - nibud, and in the State Kremlin palace a forum Adults - to children. Happy children - worthiness of the country in official papers appeared the Second international. In the invitations dispatched by the organizer of action - the Center of consulting programs Generation - the XXI-st century - the muffled list of those who supports to a forum was called. From the Federation Council to the ministries and departments of the Russian Federation . Them have decided to collect in the Kremlin (hall rent - about 25 thousand dollars) that to consolidate requests for support of child care centres! Banners behind a presidium table (in a visibility range of television cameras) - on 40 thousand dollars for a piece have been promised to sponsors. And the publication of materials (4 thousand green ). And even the right to act (at additional expense) from the Kremlin tribune.

four thousand have gathered for call of strays sympathising. But kind action was destroyed by the Minister of labour and social development of Russia Alexander Pochinok invited as the wedding general. Instead of the report it suddenly cut plain truth:

- the Organization of a similar forum costs as much, how much the help to children`s homes in separately taken area. In actions on which under the order drive pupils and military men, we will not participate!

also has run away from a tribune. After it other invited began to disperse.

it is strange, to such parties why - that do not invite public prosecutors...