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The lion Novozhenov remained without Segodnjachko

One of long-livers of Russian TV, the program Segodnjachko it is closed. The nice seven-year way daily a current - show has begun on NTV, couple of years back the program have lowered also have sent on TNT. Despite it, transfer continued to conduct (and to supervise over it) Lev Novozhenov. And here the management of the channel has made decision to send the project in resignation. Segodnjachko solemnly will bury on November, 15th.

- it is sad, of course, - the Lion Novozhenov, - as well as always when close my projects admits. It already was tens times, precisely and I do not know, how much, from the bill has got off. From the channel I will not leave anywhere, I will conduct in the new program any heading. All it is now in a stage of conversations and discussion.

the leader of the program Segodnjachko Alexey Ejbozhenko concerns closing philosophically:

- All comes to an end sooner or later. Transfer has lived long. It is necessary to concern it, as to musicals in America - them play 5 - 10 years, then they are closed. And the command if will carry, gathers and begins new business.

new business which is offered for beginning to " command; Segodnjachko is called the Big city . In the program there will be a full information cocktail - from news about green tea and exhibitions before preparation for winter. Will go on the air the Big city only in December. On the channel consider that the new program will be much more modern and dynamical. To the veteran of an aether Segodnjachko behind a fashion, probably not to keep up any more.