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Tatyana Lazareva is convicted in Casual communications

On Friday evening on channel STS — the next release of interactive show « Casual communications ». We will remind, authors of the program have crossed a traditional aether and the Internet. By means of program Skype leaders - Michael Bashkatov, Alexander Pushnoj, Dmitry Sokolov and Vadim Galygin - contact televiewers and answer their questions which have been set in advance. Certainly, respond not simply so, and with an invention yes a spark!

Become famous all over the country any can, the main thing that to the computer has been connected a web - the chamber. If your question seems to leaders interesting, you will be necessarily called by the operator koll - the centre « Casual communications » Marusja Zykova.

On shootings of the program which spectators will see on December, 3rd, Vadim Galygina has temporarily replaced televedushchajatatjana Lazareva. For an intrigue dense forest behind a table Tatyana has appeared incognito: her face has been hidden under the Venetian mask.

« Casual communications » - show of improvisations, leaders do not foreknow questions. This time Shatsa and the company were especially puzzled with the seventh-grader from the Chrysostom. The fellow has asked to help to write it the composition « the Kind from my window ». All anything, but from a window of the house of the schoolboy the garbage dump, hospital and people constantly drinking beer is visible only...

Conducting any time was wrinkled by foreheads, but as a result have got out « on hurrah » - the higher point to the schoolboy is provided! What exactly nashutila the fair company, learn in the evening on December, 3rd.

How to ask a question?

to Send the question in « Casual communications » it is possible on a program site www. ssvyazi. ru. By the way, more favourably not simply to print the message, and to remove a roller: among sent a video question rather seductive prize &mdash is played; iPhone 4.