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For Kushchevsky the Office of Public Prosecutor has got off light

the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia has landed in a village Kushchevsky Krasnodar territory a serious landing.   documents since 1995 Were studied.   and here the checking have announced results.

- We have found rough remedial infringements, - official representatives of department have informed. - more than one and a half thousand decisions have seemed to us doubtful, and we bring an attention to the question on their cancellation. On the account 242 crimes, « will be put; covered » the Kuban militiamen. And the investigatory committee illegally, in our opinion, has refused 88 cases when it was necessary to raise criminal cases. Also we demand to raise 10 criminal cases upon suspicious loss of people.

Based on the results of testing declared reprimand to a two zamam the regional public prosecutor: to Evgenie Tchuprov supervising operative work of militia, and Valery Rjabokonevu responsible for a consequence. One more employee of department, Anton Gorobtsov supervising for Kushchevsky, also is involved in a disciplinary responsibility. The main public prosecutor of Kuban Leonid Korzhineka have asked to understand in all and carefully to watch work of colleagues.   well and the only thing discharged of work there was an assistant to the public prosecutor of Kushchevsky area. Whereas its chief has been simply lowered in a post. By the way, it has worked around only four months. If to sum up orgvyvody the State Offices of Public Prosecutor it is possible to tell that the Kuban legalists have got off light.

Thus employees of Office of Public Prosecutor, convicting adjacent departments, it is obvious poskromnichali about own role in this scandalous picture. After all under the law     they are obliged to carry out public prosecutor`s supervision on each of the facts set forth above, not to allow to go astray both to militiamen, and inspectors. In particular, in case of unreasonable refusal - to return materials on completion.

Each of « conscientious objectors » passes through hands of the public prosecutor and has its consent. It turns out that all these years while in Kushchevsky the lawlessness, local and regional Offices of Public Prosecutor « was created; slept »?   And only the sent federal soldiers have managed to wake them?

- It is insulting that on our pain try to speculate, - tells one of kushchevskih farmers. - in the sense that there came all possible ranks and promised to understand, eradicate, punish. And it has in practice turned out so that to the same public prosecutor Korzhineku have charged to understand with « an economy » which he also headed last years. Where logic? It is necessary to hope that at least sounded « otkaznye » affairs will be normally investigated. Though beliefs it was reduced.

And with kushchevskim the farmer many are solidary kubantsy. After the president has sent in resignation of the main militiaman of edge, the people waited for the same step from Office of Public Prosecutor. Because Leonid Korzhinek holds the fast since 2006 and in a course of criminal problems not only Kushchevsky area. About it repeatedly wrote and « We do not call to « to witch-hunt » but at the happened public resonance there should be a proper response.

- How much people should be killed and on how much affairs to close eyes that those people who directly are responsible for calmness in edge, have left the posts? - Readers « ask in the letters; also continue: - Probably, anybody from officials cannot respond to this question...

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