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The vladimirskiy cars refuse to go on kissel

Owners of diesel cars stand in a queue for wreckers. When has struck a frost, they have found out that solar oil in tanks has turned to kissel. Fuel with which with it have filled in at the gas station in the middle of November, has appeared summer.

- on November, 16th I have filled the « Tuareg » on the refuelling working under a known brand. Has filled in in a tank of 100 litres. Half has spent, and has then struck a frost — and the car is not got. The computer has shown that fuel does not arrive in the engine. It was found out that to me have filled in summer solar oil. And the operator about it at all has not warned, - has indignantly told called in «» reader Tatyana.

Now it not only for a long time remained without the car, but also has run into not cheap repair. To reanimate a foreign car, it needs to be carried in warm boxing, within days to warm, merge summer solar oil, to change the fuel filter... Total cost of such services (together with the wrecker) — about five thousand roubles. But here has arisen also a problem with the wrecker. Tatyana has obviously appeared not unique who has refuelled summer solar oil. Therefore: « In turn, companions! » it is necessary to wait some days.

listening to such story, the head of public organisation « National control » Alexey Smirnov only makes a helpless gesture:

- Such stories at us repeat from year to year. And summer solar oil in the winter — it only iceberg top... At us in area very poor-quality gasoline with addition metanola is on sale. Many counterfeit engine oils. On a frost they get denser — to be got very difficult. Actually nobody supervises quality.

Experience shows what to have legal proceedings with refuellings very difficult and expensively. Even if the check was saved, to defend the rights difficult. It is necessary as - that to prove that in a tank at the moment of refuelling was nothing: « the stranger » fuel, neither water, nor a dirt. However there are affairs when consumers won courts. It is a little of them. In detail about algorithm of protection of the rights it is possible to learn in « National control » (43 - 04 - 36) or, for example, by phone « a hot line » Rospotrebnadzora 8 - 800 - 200 - 05 - 45.

it is concrete

How to make a complaint to refuelling?

First of all it is necessary to be converted at the gas station and to write the claim: « I, Ivanov Ivan Ivanych, such - that have bought numbers... » to inform on claims to the goods and requirements: to return money, to indemnify a loss. If you have not saved the check it is necessary to find two eyewitnesses of purchase (for example, passengers). If the seller refuses compensation, it is possible to be converted into court. Then examination (it the defeated party will pay) will be spent and is defined, who from you the rights. The main thing — to save all documents confirming your expenses on repair.

the Head of one of the vladimirskiy networks of the gas station Yury Yezhov has agreed to give the PROFESSIONAL ADVICE to readers «» some advice which will help to avoid incidents with solar oil.

- As those summer and winter diesel fuel does not exist. There are some versions, at each of which the temperature of freezing. Now, for example, on refuellings of our firm there are two kinds of solar oil. At one temperature of freezing - 26 degrees, at another — 35. That to automobile owners not to be trapped, they need to ask the conformity certificate on refuellings. In it all is told. Or at least to ask operators: what fuel? Besides it is not necessary to fill in a full tank of solar oil in inter-season period to go some weeks. After all weather can sharply change, as well as has occurred.