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In Kaliningrad tried to steal a monument to Vudi Allen

the Real name   Vudi Allen - Allen Stewart Kyonigsberg. For this reason in Kaliningrad (it too former Kenigsberg)   also have decided to establish a monument to the well-known director. The idea has come to mind kaliningradke to Maria Vasjukovoj. It is told – it is made!

- Have decided to beat Vudi Allen`s points and have thought up an unusual monument – the hand of the director which holds these points, - speaks art - the cinema manager « the Dawn » Artem Ryzhkov. – the Bronze sculpture did by request in St.-Petersburg. It weighs of 12 kgs.

It is necessary   to notice, a sculpture —   a hand, which   holds points, - it is rather thoughtful. Both elements are fixed at height of real growth of Vudi Allen — 157 centimetres that any could look at the world through them and as though his eyes see both the world, and cinema, and people. The director, the big wise man as - that it was voiced: All people know the same truth, and the purpose of our life consists in how we want to deform this truth . These words also have engraved on a pedestal.

At first a place for   installations   sculptures have chosen   a building corner, in   which   is   « the Dawn ». A little   days back there have drawn Vudi Allen`s shade and have strengthened « a monument ». Assumed that a monument will open there. Thought, it will be pleasant to people – they can « to try on » points, podlezaja under them to be photographed. But it has appeared, separate persons in our city are not ready to it. The monument has existed on this place of less days. On the night of 26 - November someone tried … to saw off bronze points. Thank God, it has not turned out.

As a result   a sculpture have spoilt   on the eve of its opening. It was necessary to search urgently for the restorer, that   to have time to correct by December, 1st all.

- Points   have repaired. Thanks   umeltsam. A monument   we   have solved   to establish   not   on   to street,   and   in   a hall   a cinema   « the Dawn ». So   more safely, - explains   artem   Ryzhkov. - On   to street,   in   volume   a place,   where   points   tried   to cut,   we   we will hang up   the tablet   in   black   to a framework   and   we will write about this incident. Now it is a history part. A sad part. Certainly. Vudi Allen`s shade from a wall of a building we will not erase.

By the way, itself   Vudi Allen   in   a course   stories   with   a monument. And   it to it   it is pleasant. We hope, in   fast time   the well-known director will arrive   to Kaliningrad. At least, the chance is. After all after in small Spanish small town have put a monument to Vudi Allen, the maestro came there two times. Than Kaliningrad is worse?

- When   Allen   will arrive,   we   we will think up   something   the interesting. It is possible   to arrange   festival of independent American cinema or to arrange retrospective displays of its films, - Ryzhkov speaks. – And there can be Allen on a broader scale will arrive to us with the orchestra. Then it will be the big feast!