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In Kuzbas solar oil

the Unpleasant surprise for motorists has risen in price there was last rise in prices for diesel fuel. If the prices for gasoline also rise, gradually, and « winter » solar oil for a week has grown at once on four roubles. In the end of November - on three, and on December, 1st - on rouble with a tail. And now it costs more expensively not only 80 - go gasoline, but also AI - 92. For one litre diztopliva automobile owners should spread now from a pocket on 22 roubles of 30 copecks.

- Cost price was raised by the oil refining enterprises, - have informed us in the Union of owners of the gas station of Kuzbas. - and we have been urged to change also price lists not to trade to ourselves at a loss as the profit from each litre at us makes no more than 5 percent.

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However is unsweetened is necessary not only to owners of cars who go by solar oil. Motorists, whose « swallows » are converted under szhizhennyj gas, now too experience serious difficulties. « blue fuel » on area refuellings last four days - the present deficiency. And there, where gas still sell, the long turns are built.

- gas Deliveries have stopped still one week ago, it is not present across all Siberia, - have told to us on Kemerovo gazonapolnitelnoj stations. - faults are connected by that the companies - suppliers at first carry out of obligations on export. Here we wait, when all will freeze, then fuel to us will carry by cars from the north. Only the price for it already will be above present.

Problems with gas test not only automobile owners - private traders, but also the passenger enterprises in which many minibuses are converted for a long time already under gas. But it should not to be reflected in passengers.

- Transport in city streets does not become less, - the head Kemerovo PATP - 3 Victor Martynenko has assured. - If gas will not suffice before new deliveries we will start to fill minibuses with gasoline. So inhabitants of Kemerovo do not need to worry about it.