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Stolen happiness

It was the newcomer in 7 - And and when has entered into a class, has seen 70 eyes, with curiosity looking on it, but one of them, is light - grey, trusting and clear it has remembered for ever. During lessons and on changes it tried to catch these eye, rejoiced and confused, wanted to start talking, but hesitated. It has appeared that boys keep separately and independently, with girls do not communicate, try not to notice at all them. Having heard news, she was delighted: can be, possibility to communicate will be presented? Alina very much liked to skate and every day went on a skating rink near the house. She has already started to imagine, as will come on a skating rink, thin, easy as it will be good with fluttering red ringlets, with a bright flush on cheeks and as Igor necessarily will approach, and they will go for a drive together, having joined hands. She has joyfully lived day in a presentiment of evening.

the Father has come from work tired, silently has had supper and has habitually asked:

- As affairs in school? Bring a diary.

Alina poyozhilas, she knew that the father will abuse it for a three on the mathematician, and has unwillingly submitted a diary. The father has frowned eyebrows, has looked through a diary and has muttered:

- Yes, I think, you should work tonight very seriously mathematics. Make three additional examples.

- the Father, I am possible I will go on a skating rink? I have already made lessons.

- I think, the mathematics will be more useful to you! Go to the room.

Alina has started wandering in the room. Really its plans will fail also dreams will not come true? She sat in meditation on a bed: what to do? But the desire and a happiness presentiment was so is great that she has dared at runaway. She has put on a jumpsuit, a cap, varezhki, has thrown out in a window leaf a package with the fads and a jacket and has carefully got out itself, the blessing, she lived on the ground floor. Having put on, it has slipped out on street and it has soon appeared on a skating rink. Multi-coloured fires, paints, have begun to spin at it before eyes and soon, carried away by this iridescent stream, and it as strekozka flitted it is necessary ice in a snow whirlwind, light of fires and a pleasure fountain. She has noticed at once a familiar dark blue pompon on a dark blue cap and a clumsy figure on ice. Igor stood, having placed feet, and convulsively waving hands. She wanted to laugh, but, having made a serious face, has driven nearby, has made a pirouette, dexterously was developed and has stopped before it.

- And, Surkova, and you, it, a hammer, well go for a drive, and I here the first time.

- Give a hand, to you it will be easy.

Igor has mistrustfully looked at its thin air figure:

- Not... You will not keep me. Here you what sickly!

- Not sickly, but harmonous and strong. Well, give, be not afraid.

- And I also am not afraid!

Igor has given a hand. They have started to slide at first slowly, then all bystre and is more confident. The pleasure and happiness have filled their hearts, and they long rushed in a stream of joyful people.

In an hour Igor went for a drive independently, with gratitude looking at the new girlfriend.

On the way home she was tormented a little by conscience and it was terrible from forthcoming conversation with the father, but, it has appeared that the father has fallen asleep, and mother and has not glanced in a room, and when Alina in the same way (through a window leaf) has got to the room, has understood that nobody has missed it. Tired and happy she has fallen asleep, continuing to be turned in whirlpool of fires, snow, pleasures and music, of course, for a hand with Igorkom.

As though there was no their destiny further, they never will forget that fantastic evening on a skating rink the huge stolen happiness which can be, more never will repeat.

Olga Majba.

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