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How omicham to issue the property right to real estate?

- « a direct line »? You are called by Tatyana Viktorovna. What documents are necessary for registration of the private house? I bought its already ready in 1997 through the notary with two witnesses.

- you on hands on a broader scale do not have documents?

- There is only a certificate on termless using the earth addressed to the old owner.

- Mezhevanie, probably, was not spent?

- Is not present.

- the First step for you - to issue a site on itself. And then already will be engaged in the house. If you are not going to sell, exchange or bequeath this earth - can go by the way of country amnesty. Otherwise the earths and statement on the cadastral account are necessary mezhevanie.

Country amnesty assumes the simplified diagramme of registration by citizens of the property right to the ground areas if they have been given till October, 30th, 2001 in strict definite purposes: for conducting a personal subsidiary, country economy, truck farming, gardening, individual garage, housing construction. That is, if the site under the house to you has been earlier allocated on any kind of the right (there is a certificate on the earth of the old sample or any certificate about earth granting), - it is possible in the simplified order free of charge (without the repayment) to renew the earth on the property right. For this purpose it is necessary, having paid the state duty at a rate of 200 rub - pour, to hand over these documents in registration service. Within a month to you will issue the property right and will grant the certificate. That is at presence in the State cadastre of real estate of data on your site mezhevanie to spend not necessarily. Nevertheless, if you have a financial possibility, the site otmezhevat is better and to put on the account not in approximate, and exact borders.

- Hello, my name is Vitaly Vladimirovich. Our house is located along the street Ordzhonikidze. We have issued it in the property, and a site to privatise to us do not give. Explain it to that road expansion is planned and consequently burdening is written out. Though all neighbours already privatised the sites!

- the municipality really has a right to reserve the ground area a maximum for 7 years during which its use, including privatisation is limited. This practice has appeared more recently - and it is applied both city, and the regional power. We mi - nisterstvo, for example, too has reserved two branches of the underground. Most likely, your neighbours simply had time to legalise papers to this decision.

- Appeal against against this decision we can?

- Only through court.

- And later 7 years can prolong restriction?

- Yes if works are not finished, - can.


- Yes own hundred parts are well!

- Sergey has phoned. Since new year we are going to be engaged in registration in the earth and house property. Heard that now it is necessary to be converted to cadastral engineers. A leah so it and where them to find?

- Since January, 1st, 2011 of work on mezhevaniju cadastral engineers can make only - the Cadastral chamber will accept documents only from them. Those who applies for a rank of the cadastral engineer, hand over a promotion examination. For today 67 persons in the Omsk region are already certified. It is possible to look at lists of the certified cadastral engineers on a site: omskportal. ru (choose « the Ministry of property relations » then at the left - « the Certifying commission of cadastral engineers » - « the Register of the diplomaed cadastral engineers ») . Also the uniform base on all subjects of Federation is in Upravlenii Rosreestra across the Omsk region. Cadastral engineers can work as individual businessmen or in the organisation. Now no control over quality of carrying out mezhevanija is present: often works spend poor - there are overlays. Especially it concerns borders of sites under apartment houses. Old maps are used, mezhevanie is spent even without departure into place! And as a result the Cadastral chamber can not accept documents. When the cadastral engineer will work - there will be a responsibility for incorrectly made papers: ten similar errors involve certificate withdrawal.

- Good afternoon, Tatyana disturbs. We want to issue the earth under an apartment house. Where to us to be converted? A leah free this service?

- At you TSZH or a management company?


- the Decision on earth registration under an apartment house is accepted at meeting of tenants by a majority of votes, then the authorised representative who on behalf of all proprietors will legalise papers is defined. However literally Recently constitutional court of the Russian Federation passes the decision according to which, you on its own behalf can be converted into municipality which defines borders of your ground area. There are only two questions: affairs - a leah ete you mezhevanie it is independent at own expense, or the municipality includes you in the program. Earlier to get to it, the extract from the report of general meeting of proprietors of habitation was required. The best variant - all - taki to write the application on behalf of all proprietors, instead of personally because while practice of application of the decision of the Constitutional court is not clear.

But consider: Ground area delimitation under an apartment house does not involve the automatic permission to fence. It is separate allowing procedure.

is Anastas. In 1989 parents have bought the house in Omsk. The purchase and sale contract has been notarially assured. The Earth then have not issued. On what conditions now it can be made and a leah it is necessary to register the property right to the house anew?

- What documents on the house at you are?

- Except the purchase and sale contract, there is a registration certificate from BTI.

- As the house has been got in 1989 this certificate is valid. To issue the property right to the earth - reserve in any zemleustroitelnoj the organisations mezhevanie. This service paid. Also it will be necessary to pay the state duty on property right check in. The site will pass to you free of charge as the house is bought till July, 1st, 1990. You have an exclusive right to this earth. It is necessary to be converted into Central administrative board on ground resources.

- Alexander Mihajlovich, Sergey disturbs. We have bought the house in 1993, the earth under it is not issued till now. Now we want to prosecute this subjects. Free of charge we will receive it or it is necessary to redeem?

- And documents on the house are?

- Yes, there is a certificate on the property right.

- Unfortunately, free of charge to receive a site it will not turn out, as the earth has been got after July, 1st, 1990. You have a possibility to redeem a site at reduced price - 2, 5 % from its cadastral cost as the property right to the house has been issued before introduction of the Ground code - that is till October, 29th, 2001.

- Hello, my name is Vadim. I have a garage, would like to issue the earth under it. It is possible?

- the Earth has been taken away to co-operative society?

- Yes, the co-operative society is created recently.

- Personally on itself to issue the earth it will not turn out. Usually rent is given to co-operative society for three years - for building of garages. Then it is necessary to choose one of two variants - rent or ownership of land. But the decision accepts not everyone individually, and all members. And for rent of the absolute consent it is not required - unlike earth registration in the property. According to the ground legislation, the ground area in the latter case is given in the general share property proportionally zanima - emoj to the area of garage boxing. For this purpose all proprietors of garages should be converted in common into corresponding body with the statement for acquisition of the rights to the ground area with the application of its cadastral passport (or to choose the authorised person). For site reception in the share property all garages should be issued, and all their proprietors are obliged to express desire to issue a site. If the co-operative society redeems a site you will not have a separate site - you will own a share which in nature is not allocated.

- Good afternoon! How to a large family on favourable terms to receive a site under individual housing construction?

- Unfortunately, the federal legislation does not provide privileges for earth reception. The Earth is allocated only through auction in which exempts participate on equal terms with other interested persons. You can receive the information on the initial price and the characteristic of sites in Central administrative board on ground resources of the Omsk region and on a site: omskportal. ru. If two or more application forms for participation in auction are submitted - the one who will offer a big price will win. If the demand is will submitted only by you - the commission is obliged to conclude the contract at the initial price of auction.
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