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14 miners Raspadsky missing persons, relatives of the miners till now remaining underground recognised as victims

In the middle of November, were converted to a management « Raspadsky » with the request recognise miners as victims. From the moment of failure has passed already more than six months, and hopings against hope at people does not remain. Under the law, semi-annual term gives the grounds for court recognise people as victims, and the recognition of this fact would allow native to receive social payments and privileges.

- Petitions on a recognition of miners died has submitted Open Society « Raspadsky » - the judge of Mezhdurechensk city court Inga Shatohina has told. - on December, 1st have passed sessions on 14 affairs. In total they have occupied four and a half an hour. And 14 persons we already officially declared died.

Search works on mine will be continued until will find last miner.
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One more session will take place today. But hardly its result will differ from the previous.

the Body of one more miner from the list of the gone have found in the morning on December, 2nd. It have found out on water outflow at layer inspection 7 on a mark a minus of 96 metres. But reach it at once rescuers could not.

Approximately in 13. 30 local time group VGSCH has gone to mine to get the victim. The second attempt has ended successfully.

- the Found out miner delivered to a surface after four hours, - the employee has informed a press - services « the Raspadsky coal company » Galina Kovalchuk. – Presumably, it is Ivan Zolotaryov - near to it the lantern with its number lay and the miner was learnt by the chief of a site. Procedure of an identification by relatives will pass on December, 3rd.

we Will remind, as a result of terrible failure which has occurred on Mezhdurechensk mine « Raspadsky » in the night from 8 for May, 9th 76 persons were lost. Underground there are 15 more miners. Search works on mine will be continued until will find last of victims. Presumably, people are on a mark a minus of 130 metres. Now the water level is on a mark a minus of 96,1 metres.

the List of the miners officially recognised died

Belousov Gennady Viktorovich

Borinsky Alexander Viktorovich

of Fats Nikolay Dmitrievich

Zolotaryov Ivan Sergeevich

Kiskorov Leonid Ilich

Korostelev Ilya Borisovich

Makarov Andrey Evgenevich

Markovsky Gennady Leonidovich

Paholkov Alexander Viktorovich

Pozharsky Evgenie Igorevich

Potyomkin Evgenie Aleksandrovich

Tirenko Vasily Andreevich

Trufanov Evgenie Vladimirovich

Fathutdinov Tahir Harafislanovich

of Business, appointed to consideration on December, 3rd:

Lapshin Evgenie Pavlovich

Morozovsky Sergey Aleksandrovich