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In Novosibirsk frosts and a gusty wind

Under the forecast Novosibirsk gidrometeotsentra,   have returned; on December, 3rd in capital of Siberia again will become cold, and beginning since ice cold night c Thursday on Friday. It seems that to us frosts and a gusty wind again come back. At least, for two days precisely. According to weather forecasters, this afternoon in the Novosibirsk region the temperature will fall to   - 17, - 22 degrees, and places to - 27. The wind is expected severo - western with a speed 5 - 10 metres per second, to - 17 m/ with. Thus the sky will be cloudy, with clearings up, but blizzards, snow drifts on roads, and places hoarfrost will proceed snow.

However, and on Saturday, on December, 4th, in the Novosibirsk region is not becomes warmer. At night the temperature, under the forecast of meteorologists, will make from - 28 to - 33 degrees though in places will be from - 22 to - 27. And here in the afternoon of Saturday slightly will become warmer. In some areas of area it is expected from - 20 to - 25 degrees, and places from - 13 to - 18.   the Wind will be, under the forecast of weather forecasters western with a speed 5 - 10 metres per second. But snow if to believe Novosibirsk gidrometeotsentru, on Saturday it is not expected.

Forecasts from meteoagencies of portals Gismeteo. ru and Yandex. Weather are close to the data Novosibirsk gidrometeotsentra and also speak about a cold snap on the night of Fridays to - 26 - 28 degrees in the afternoon on December, 3rd in Novosibirsk. According to weather forecasters of these sites, in the afternoon on Saturday on December, 4th in capital of Siberia slightly will become warmer – to - 15, - 16 degrees.

In the meantime

have Thursday afternoon closed movement of buses on a line Baikal

on December, 2nd approximately from 12 o`clock local time to 15. 45 the federal line " has been closed for passenger transport; Baikal M - 51 towards Omsk. Long-distance buses to Zdvinska, Kyshtovki and others which dvizhutsja on this line, stopped movement as have informed in traffic police. Time closing of a line was svzjazano with a plentiful snowfall and low visibility on a line.