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WikiLeaks has reached and Moldova: As Mariana the Magnifier bribed for coalition creation

the International Internet - project WikiLeaks, which already « has guided to rustle » in America, having published 400 thousand the classified documents connected with war in Iraq, has reached and Moldova. The portal specialising on gathering of confidential documents, has published « revelations » the ambassador of the USA in Moldova — Asifa Chodri who have appeared at the disposal of the English newspaper Guardian .  

Action of the confidential information transfers us for September, 2009.  
on September, 7th, 2009, just on the eve of Vladimir Voronina`s resignation (we will remind that it has voluntary combined from itself(himself) the powers on September, 11th, « with heavy heart having passed reins of government of the new power » - to the Alliance « For the European integration ») Marian the Magnifier has ostensibly met leader PKRM. He again - taki has ostensibly tried to convince the Magnifier to enter with communists in a coalition. And that Marianu to Ilyich was easier to make decisions, has offered for it of 10 million dollars. Negotiations were ostensibly conducted in country residence Voronina — in village Kondritsa.   In this situation Voroninu was taken away a post of the speaker of parliament, the Magnifier should become the president. And Zynaida Grechanaja - the prime minister - the minister. We will remind that then voices of communists and democrats would suffice, that at PKRM and DPM there was a majority in the parliament, capable to elect the president. A magnifier has refused and, as he said, has been surprised by the similar offer. He has made Voroninu the counter proposal: eight voices, necessary for the Alliance « For the European integration » for election in parliament, in exchange for the immunity given to it and his family. Voronin has disagreed. As soon as Marian the Magnifier has said goodbye to Voroninym, it has ostensibly gone to the ambassador of the USA in Moldova Asifu Chodri and all to it has told. At least so writes Guardian, referring on WikiLeaks.
Voronin, writes now another - the French newspaper newspaper Le Monde, recognised that at it was two meetings with Marianom the Magnifier. Leader PKRM has ostensibly declared then that chairman Dempartii is under the influence of foreign forces. It ostensibly could be Russia, the USA and Romania. And for two days of it, informs WikiLeaks, on September, 5th Marian the Magnifier has met in Frankfurt am Main the representative of Russian president Medvedev. In the Kremlin were afraid of that Gimpu becomes the speaker of parliament and have let know that expect repeated elections in 2010. Marian the Magnifier has told what to worry about unionistskih moods of Gimpu it is not necessary, and he will take care of that leader Gimpu did not do incorrect statements.  
All of us give with the amendment ostensibly as nobody has confirmed this information, and the founder of a scandalous site   WikiLeaks with might and main searches for the Interpol.  
Stela ZHANTUAN, the representative of Democratic party of Moldova:  
- We in any way do not make comments on the information from a site   WikiLeaks. Anybody does not do it: neither the Kremlin, nor the United Nations, OSCE. And Democratic party too! Information leakages occur and occurred always, another matter — they correspond to the validity or not. In spite of the fact that this news was already picked up by newspapers « Le Monde » and « The Guardian » specificity   WikiLeaks to shock. It with success is possible to them.  
the Deputy from PKRM Mark Tkachuk:  
- the Party of communists never resorted to financial arguments in the decision of political problems. Because we always have political arguments.   the data published WikiLeaks has called ironical reaction party members. Events which are described, do not coincide neither on time, nor in a place. On September, 7th, when, ostensibly, Voroni carried on negotiations about the Magnifier, Mihaj Gimpu was a week in a post of the speaker of parliament and with success disconnected the third microphone. An alliance « For the European integration already existed ».
the COMMENT of EMBASSY of the USA In Moldova  
As a source « knowledge » WikiLeaks across Moldova was (besides according to a site) the ambassador of the USA in Moldova Asif Chodri, the correspondent «» it was converted behind comments into embassy of the USA in Kishinev:  
« the US State department does not give comments concerning materials including classified documents which could be published, and cannot speak about authenticity of documents which have appeared in a press ».  
In one of documents Wikileaks, it is told about arrangements with Moscow which could solve the Dnestr conflict within a month.   As they say in the document dated on November, 2009, the ambassador of the USA in Germany Phillip Murphy refers to the adviser of the chancellor for safety issues of Kristofa Hojsgena. The German diplomat offers « to give to Russian OSCE summit » on a condition that those will settle the frozen Dnestr conflict. According to the official, Moscow could solve the conflict within a month. More the detail information how this conflict could be solved, in this respect is not present.  
WHILE NUMBER   was imposed;
Marian denies the Magnifier that Voronin offered it of $10 million  
Leader Dempartii has told that never and from anybody did not receive the similar offer.
- I can assume only that hearings are directed on situation destabilization in the country, now, when we have begun dialogue on creation of the coalition government , - has told the Magnifier.