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Yana victory in competition the Tula beauty its girlfriend

in a recreation centre of Trade unions 22 - oh has dreamt on December, 1st about an annual feast of beauty « the Tula beauty - 2010 » has collected judges of female beauty. For a crown of the winner struggled 16 konkursantok at the age from 15 till 22 years.

the Competitive program has begun with a defile in bathing suits. Struggle between girls was developed the serious. Beauties showed jeans clothes, vesper dresses, and the most important thing should   witty to answer tricky questions of the leader. In the ending there were only 10 young ladies.

In breaks between performances of girls public was entertained the Tula ballerina Svetlana Muzhitsky, by children`s dancing collectives, and the exit of the owner of a rank « became furore; the Princess of Tula 2010 » Poliny Titovoj. She has read Tatyana`s letter from a scene.

later 2 hours of jury have taken out a verdict: the owner of a crown « The Tula Beauty » became 19 - summer tuljachka Yana Suslov. The rank of the first vitse - Ms. has got to Alina Bogomolovoj, the second vitse - Ms. - Julia Baranovoj.

When Yana has heard the name it has begun to cry for pleasure. The most interesting that for 22 years of history of competition for the first time the blonde, and natural became the winner.

the girl did not doubt the victory. After all even on a question of the leader « If you chose, who will manage a title to whom you will give it? » Yana without deliberating has responded: « to Itself, whom else ».

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: Alexey FOKIN

- Yana, what sensations at you after victory? – we have taken an interest after competition .

- fairly did not expect that I will win. After all I have not defeated one nomination and did not hope any more for victory. Now I am am overflowed with pleasure, stirring. I in shock.

- You for a long time in modelling business?

- On a broader scale anywhere was not engaged. When declared a casting, to me the girlfriend has advised to descend, well I have agreed. It has appeared knowingly.

- Was victory presentiments?

- Know, 3 days prior to the ending to my friend has dreamt that me put on a crown. She to me has told, but I have not given it value.

- competition was defeated for the first time by the blonde. And you it is not insulting, what of them take a jaundiced view?

are stereotypes. On a hair colour depends nothing. Though sometimes it would be desirable to relax and stay the blonde on the present.


Suslov Yana
Age:   19 years
Growth: 176 Parameters see
: 84 - 62 - 93
Education:   the student 3 courses of TF MU the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. A speciality   « Jurisprudence »
Hobbies: game on a guitar, writes songs.
dream: to See « alive » the polar lights.