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The driver of a jeep has struck the first! - so tell in the Ekaterinburg hospital

the Egregious example has occurred in Ekaterinburg. On a barrier at gate DMB parents of the six-year girl which lay on operation have undergone to 9 attack. As an occasion their refusal to pay again for entrance on hospital territory has served.

- on November, 25th we have arrived in « the nine » to lay down on planned operation, - Michael tells ekaterinburzhets. - for 100 roubles (it is such rate at protection) have called in on territory.

On a broader scale - that, visitors on cars further a barrier in DMB 9 do not start up - near there is a free parking for visitors. Entrance on territory is resolved only to employees. But those who wants to approach by the car directly on an accident ward, pay to security guards money and free drive in territory.

- Were issued on hospitalisation, and the same day the wife with a daughter have laid down in chamber, - continues the story Michael. - Operation have appointed next day.

26 - go Michael has arrived since the morning before, on a barrier, as always, has stretched to the security guard of 100 roubles. And in second half of day, already after operation, parents have decided to go to a drugstore yes in shop - literally on half an hour. When have returned, on a barrier already other security guard. And too demands 100 roubles. Spouses tried to explain to it that already paid, it - in any:

- If I will not take from you 100 roubles, me will fine on 200! - the guard of gate has declared.

Spouses have asked to invite the senior.

- Minutes through 5 any muzhik in the civilian with a gangster physiognomy has approached, - Michael remembers. - its first words were « You che have risen here, chmo! » the Wife has asked it to show the certificate - it has become angry even more.

Further, under the story of spouses, Natasha has got cellular to remove the man, but that has beaten out a mobile phone from hands and has kicked the woman on a foot. To the aid of the wife Michael (it, by the way, too removed all event on phone) has rushed. To it has got even more - the security guard has knocked it down and became zapinyvat already lying. All it have fixed video observation chambers.

- I have risen all in blood, villages in the car, - Michael remembers. - the wife has called   in militia.

At this time the assistant to the head physician has approached to a barrier on technical questions Glazyrin.   On Natalia complaint about beating has cynically said: « has correctly made! » and at all has not suggested to render medical aid, though also the doctor. Employee CHOPa on entrance observed all picture from outside, without interfering in any way with an event.

- it is natural, in branch we have then written the application, - tells beaten ekaterinburzhets. -   will not believe, this muzhik too nakatal zajavu, accusing us that we have attacked it!

  At workers of hospital the vision of an event.

- In the antiterrorist purposes entrance on territory of extraneous transport at us is forbidden, - has told «» a source in management DMB 9, wished to remain the unknown person. - but there are exceptions: « first aid » the parents, which bring children with an acute pain, kids and children who cannot move independently, for example, on crutches. And in some other cases - the decision is accepted by the expert on GO and CHS in coordination with the attending physician. In this case the child was in branch on planned operation.

By the way as mark in DGKB 9, concerning treatment parents do not have any claims. Incident has occurred already after operation - parents have arrived to visit the daughter, to pass it things, foodstuff. The bases to start the car on territory was not. (See In Ekaterinburg security guards of hospital have beaten parents of the child ) .

- the Security guard has suggested them to leave the car on parking before a barrier and to walk to an input on foot, it nearby, all metres 100, - continues the story the doctor « the nine ». - Parents have refused and have blocked entrance. Their jeep faced a barrier, without allowing to drive anybody - to cars of employees, « first aid ».

So, the ambulance which carried blood components could not leave. It was the urgent call. Has passed 3 minutes, before could open lateral gate to let out it through them. Parents have tried to drive in these lateral gate and have not faced nearly ambulance. According to the physicians, all it too is visible on chambers.

- to the First blow was put by the driver of a jeep, - the doctor « swears; the nine ». - I do not think out is too is fixed on video. Our expert has been urged to press the disturbing button and to call militia. Subsequently to it it became bad, and he was converted into hospital where to it have diagnosed « nose crisis » and « brain concussion » now it passes treatment. Law enforcement bodies will be engaged in the further trial, let they state an estimation to actions as parents, and our employee. We will give all video records to them.

Official comments:

the Assistant to head physician DGKB 9 Andrey Shastin:

- Operating under the instruction, territory protection has suggested visitors to leave the car on free parking near to hospital, but was refused. After that the conflict has inflamed. The arrived dress delivered participants of incident in police station for evidence. We regret about happened, but we ask our visitors to observe rules. We will necessarily inform on results of check.

the Press - the secretary of Management of public health services of Ekaterinburg Inna Abelinskene:

- Any fight even most « fair » does not paint establishment and its employees. Though it is impossible to deny the facts of that is frequent to employees of hospitals, even doctors at medical aid rendering need to resort to self-defence. We count that law enforcement bodies will understand the happened.