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Gold chalices and unique icons

One of the main sights of Moscow - to the Pokrovsk cathedral this year executed 450 years. In view of that in a cathedral vestry it is possible to see an exhibition of unique church utensils. All it is executed from gold and silver by masters XV - XVII centuries. The special place is occupied with the exhibits received as a present. For example, it is possible to see a silver set for a sacrament which has been presented to a temple by the tsar Michael Fedorovichej. And as gifts which were passed by simple church-goers: these are precious communion crosses and the magnificent Gospels.

Supplement an exhibition unique icons of XVI century from the initial iconostas which has not saved up to now of the central church of the Pokrovsk cathedral.

WHERE :   the Pokrovsk cathedral, the m. item « Ohotnij rjad » Red square, 4.

WHEN : till July, 12th, 2011.

Business hours :   pn, sr - vs: with 11. 00 to 17. 00.

the Price of tickets: 50 - 200 rbl.