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How much money in funds of candidates in presidents?

during present presidential campaign candidates can spend own money or money of sponsors for propaganda. Each candidate can open personal financial fund - the bank account on which both the companies, and voters can simply transfer money. The sum, truth, is limited. A maximum for fund - 105 million or about 35 thousand dollars. There are restrictions and on that, one sponsor how much can bring.

- The candidate for presidents can grant the sum no more than 1 750 000. And the extraneous physical person no more than 350 thousand roubles. The legal body - 1 050 000, - has told on online - conferences in «» the head of the Central Electoral Committee Lydia Yermoshin. - restriction by quantity is in the majority of the countries. It is made that candidates for presidents did not have one sponsor. When this norm was entered, the foreign analogue undertook. But they funds have more. Why at us such small? In - the first, as for the first time. In - the second, recognised that in our country not a lot of middle class, and rich it is even less. If to establish fund without restriction, the rest at all on a pocket in elections will participate.

One of these days in TSIKe there was a first financial report. By data for November, 30th, money in funds is already at six candidates: almost seven millions at Andrey Sannikova, about 300 thousand at Vitaly Rymashevsky and Grigory Kostuseva. At economist Yaroslav Romanchuka while 89 thousand Belarus roubles. 100 roubles are on Victor Tereshchenko`s bill.

Most of all money for the bill of the candidate in Vladimir Nekljaeva`s presidents. While it is added more 83 million roubles. The command has already spent seven millions.

- For this money we have made posters and leaflets, we do propaganda production. We consider a variant of placing of advertising in lifts, - has told «» Andrey Dmitrys, the head of a selective staff of Vladimir Nekljaeva.

fund Money can be spent for rent of premises, the equipment and on transport. In TSIKe inform that funds are opened at two candidates Alexander Lukashenko and Alexey Mihalevicha. But money for an abacus while is not present.

- These funds constantly operating, can replenish. Means can be charged at any time before the termination of propaganda campaign. The main thing - not to leave for extremely resolved sum, - the secretary of the Central Electoral Committee Nikolay Lozovik has explained.