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Kirovchanka dreams to pull out the husband from the religious organisation


In a corner on kitchen Anna Ivanovny has icons. An original place where she talks good luck. Though religion now in a family a subject sick and not so pleasant. On these icons the husband spitted, tried to throw out them because has accepted other god.
the history has begun, when ten years ago Evgenie, the worker of the railway in Ljangasovo, has decided to undergo treatment in hospital.
- I have all extracts from a card, - Anna Charushina speaks. - Managing therapeutic branch has directed it then on consultation to the doctor - to the psychiatrist. After a campaign to Yury Norinu who at that time conducted wide practice in Kirov, and have begun at it « shifts ». I first was delighted   - to drink the muzhik has thrown, to smoke, walk. I think, to consciousness has come. And then began to notice something strange. It began to be locked, something to write, vanish in the afternoon. And absolutely in alarm has hammered, when Eugene has started money to carry away from the house. A pier, I in church « a tithe » I will give.
in 2003 Evgenie has accepted baptism in church « Adventists of the seventh day ». In 2005 he has divorced. The wife has refused to accept belief of the spouse. In the same year it have dismissed, he refused to work on Saturday. This day adventists devote to God.
- it began to leave even more often, - Anna Charushina tells. - Dragged home any books. As he said, traded in the street in their literature, enticed people into this « true belief ». And then it have sent where - that for a year, in these books to trade. I one dragged two children on myself. To the son then 17 years were, daughters 15. Copeck from it was not. Besides, has called me and speaks   - I will send the power of attorney to you, you sell apartment,   and my share to me money give. Here - that I absolutely have hammered in alarm! Has gone to lawyers. I have lost the husband, so though habitation for children to save. It is visible, its pastors try to avoid courts, the husband has ceased to insist on apartment sale.
attempts to return the husband in the house, in a family began to do. It was converted both into Office of Public Prosecutor, and in militia. From militia the answer   has come; - psychiatrist Yury Norin at Evgenie Charushina`s treatment did not apply any psychotropic substances, into its religion did not entice. And solved problems of family character.

- I even in public health services department did inquiry, - Anna Charushina speaks. - the answer Has come: Norin J. L medical dejatelnsti has no licence for realisation. And how then it have sent to it from hospital? And who will return now me the husband after visitation of such doctor? Who will cure to me all acquired nervous illnesses? I on a broader scale consider that it it has enticed Eugene into this religion. Also became the reason of all our misfortunes... Would drink is better... More than twenty years have lived, that only was not. But that here has left the house and began to bear any bosh, has forgotten about children...

from records in a diary

« Children have turned away from me. The wife was engaged rukoprikladstvom, the enemy tempted on the wife, on children, on Saturday. The wife could not cease some months. Obbegala all militias, administration, beat our pastor. And I have left work ».
« Whatever became, whatever happens, I always came in the unknown way home. Any attempts (it is visible to leave the house   - a bus Comment) Have not crowned by success. I houses spitted on an icon, and the devil it is faster did ».

From the characteristic from Evgenie Charushina`s work

« Evgenie Charushin worked in carload depot with 1994 for 2002 the inspector of cars. For last period of work has proved as the disciplined worker. In collective it was sociable, in the company the cheerful joker. But recently in view of the introduction into sect, became closed, laconic. Complaints from a family that does not bring money home began to arrive, did not participate in education of children ».
In the characteristic a whirlpool in which has tightened 49 - summer kirovchanina, « sect » it is named incorrectly. As explain religiovedy, it is the religious organisation. And there « do not entice ». People voluntary come. So correctly to speak, under the law. And the person himself solves, as to it itself to conduct and in what god to believe.

the Comment of Office of Public Prosecutor

- the Religious organisations if do not call for extremism, to murder, violence, we cannot make answerable, - has commented on a press - the secretary of Office of Public Prosecutor of the Kirov region Natalia Kim. - How to believe in God and in what, this business personal if only this belief did not violate the law.

it any more the first case when people with a pain are converted: help to return the husband, the son, the daughter, it has got in sect . Also it turns out as in this history   - from a family the religion has withdrawn the man. That has forgotten about children, about the spouse. Also it is its choice. He has chosen such here a way, through the god who considers what exactly this religion bears in itself light. Only here Anna Charushina in bustle on « to militias, administrations » as her husband writes, has lost health. A dream now at it disturbing, nerves play pranks, the head is ill. Moreover. Last years of children should be lifted most. While the husband spitted on icons, tried to prove to the spouse that its belief has returned it to life, children it was necessary to feed, learn, watch their life.

- If it has now returned, I would accept it, - Anna looks down. - yes it is strong to it there brains have cleaned. Lives in their church, sells books. And home does not go absolutely. Have withdrawn my husband...