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In Tver though and for a short while, but will become warmer

To such weather it is necessary to get used, weather forecasters speak. However the hope of short warming remains.

- To the beginning of the next week, on December, 6th, in the Tver region becomes a bit warmer, - has told Nona Menshakova, the leading weather forecaster of the Tver centre on hydrometeorology and environment monitoring. – the thermometer Column will show at night - 10 … - 15 degrees, and in the afternoon from - 3 to - 8. From time to time there will be a snow, and sometimes even a blizzard.

such weather will hold on over the weekend. And here since December, 11th in region becomes even warmer. In all territory of Verhnevolzhja the southern cyclone will dominate, it will bring warm a wind. However to hope that frosts will recede, it is not necessary.  

- To days off at us becomes again colder, - has added Nonna Menshakova. – And it is essential, on 5 - 10 degrees. In the afternoon will be to - 13, and at night to - 20 … - 25. Snowfalls become more plentiful, and us again will fill up with snow.  

well, it is necessary only to advise to inhabitants of the Tver region to put on more warmly and will prepare for long and cold winter.