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In Izhevsk serial stars Interns have done some shooting from the automatic machine and have put money in a hat of Izhika

Friday on December, 3rd for several izhevchan became the most pleasant day of the expiring year.   they managed to meet favourite actors of a serial « Interns » Svetlana Permjakovoj and Vadim Demchogom.

the presentation of a new season of a serial on TV channel « became the Occasion to arrival; TNT ». As actors admitted, spectators still should see 20 most unusual series which acted in film during the heat and smog period in Moscow.

- It was very heavy, brains simply « plavilis » - Vadim Viktorovich playing a role of Ivan Kupitmana admitted. - To us changed dressing gowns when they became crude of - for sweat. Poor costumiers. But on the screen of it nobody will notice.

actors have spent the Most part of day on trips on a city. And in spite of the fact that in the street   It was cold, actors remained under pleasant impression of a city. Specially for them organizers of arrival have led small excursion. Reduced in a weapon complex of a name of Michael Kalashnikov where Vadim Demchog with pleasure has done some shooting from the automatic machine. Yes so that at it is some more hours badly heard the right ear. Have gone « interns » and to a monument of Izhiku, have put to it in a hat some coins fortunately.

- December frosts are pleasant to me, - Svetlana admitted. - I come from Perm, therefore I miss blizzards, snow and frosts a little. In Moscow though and it is cold, but snow practically is not present.

we Give thanks for preparation of a material to a broadcasting company « TNT - New region ».