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Correctly breathe - to a flu stop tell!

the doctor of higher category, candidate of science Vorontsov I. I responds to questions of readers

- Iljas Ivanovich, with an autumn cold snap the number prostudnyh diseases grows. Besides, it was necessary to much within two months, literally round the clock this summer, to be under the influence of abnormal heat and a smog. It, undoubtedly, has negatively affected a status of respiratory ways. What it is possible to advise in this case?

- to Begin the prevention and treatment of illnesses, and not only respiratory ways, it is necessary from observance … breath rules. Be not surprised. In practice of any doctor it is possible to meet a situation when despite the most vigorous measures to achieve recover it is not possible. And infringement of one of the basic conditions of ability to live &ndash can be the reason of long treatment; correct breath .

Through respiratory ways a day passes 8 - 10 thousand litres of air. It is easy to present, how much we inhale thus the most different microparticles, including a dust house and street, microorganisms, and also the substances containing in a smoke and exhaust gases. And the most part of these impurity settles on mucous membranes of respiratory ways. Despite it healthy people at all do not feel that constantly inhale with air a dust, a smoke and possible activators of illnesses – from « simple » prostudnyh to rather dangerous, calling a flu, a bronchitis, a pneumonia, a tuberculosis.

- That with all it « good » which we inhale, occurs?

- the Nature has provided mechanisms of removal of the harmful impurity which are a part of inhaled air. Here again it is important to each of us to know and understand the organism. For example, the internal ear, a nasopharynx, a throat, a trachea, bronchial tubes concern breath system, easy a nose with additional bosoms. Also I ask to pay attention - the mouth does not concern respiratory organs . When to the doctor the patient comes and breathes through a mouth it is necessary long and to explain long-sufferingly that breath through a mouth also is unnatural, as food intake through a nose!

In a human body there is reliable enough protection of respiratory ways

- a leah So there is in our organism a protection of respiratory ways?

- Protection exists, and reliable enough. Removal of alien substances and microbes is provided with that, beginning from nasal courses to small bronchial tubes, a mucous membrane vystlana unique cages. One of them make slime, others on the surface contain constantly fluctuating eyelashes. The particles which have settled on mucous membranes, are caught and enveloped by slime, and eyelashes advance this weight from depth outside – from bronchial tubes to a throat.

the structure of bronchial slime includes substances, in particular, lizotsim, interferony and the antibodies intended for destruction or, at least, of blocking of hostile microorganisms. Special value has an antibody And - an important element of protection of mucous membranes.

- And what occurs, when the system of protection does not work?

- When alien particles and microbes nevertheless get into lungs and do not leave them at cough and an exhalation, to us help makrofagi. They, « leaving » in a gleam of pulmonary vials (alveoluses) from blood and a lymph, absorb ours « gatecrashers ».

- Iljas Ivanovich, and still people fall ill. So, when and as « break » mechanisms of clarification and protection of respiratory ways?

- Actually, before each of us it is necessary - to warn a simple, concrete and quite solved problem illnesses of respiratory ways and lungs, using ability of respiratory ways and lungs samoochishchatsja and to be protected.

So, at respiratory ways constantly there is all infection which is in air. But the infection is under control of local immunity, to tell - under control of an antibody And which is an obligatory component of all mucous membranes more precisely.

At respiratory ways constantly there is all infection which is in air

Until recently was considered that the means relieving of a lack of an antibody And, do not exist. And practising doctors have been urged to spend « the treatment directed on elimination of diseases, caused by this anomaly ». Here such paradoxes! As it is possible to eliminate propensity, for example, to prostudnym to diseases if on mucous membranes there is no first and main defender from infections!? Unless only to contain the person in sterile conditions. However the means contributing in education of an antibody And, are in the nature.

- Also what it for means?

- In the beginning, all - taki, some words about the mechanism of education of antibody A

These albuminous educations, antibodies, « live » on mucous membranes 4 - 5 days. Body where goes them « manufacture » the small intestine is. In a small intestine splitting of fibers to amino acids comes to the end, then in process membrannogo digestion occurs « an individualization and personification » Amino acids. After all from « personified » amino acids albuminous molecules, including A.Sledovatelno`s antibody are formed strictly individual for each of us, in small intestines high-grade fibers should arrive.

Such fibers contain in sine - green microseaweed Spirulina Platensis (Spirulina Platensis) . It fikotsianiny - powerful natural immunomoduljatory which meet only in eating seaweed. Spirulina – it is a unique product. It also is a rich source of antioxidants. Antioxidants, for example, concerns beta - carotin. Its maintenance in Spiruline in 35 times above, than in carrots. Besides, Spirulina comprises unique substances which cannot be synthesised is artificial. Among them, for example, scale - linolenovaja acid which contains in parent milk. In the standard practice the regular use Spiruliny is recommended in a daily food allowance, since 14 years. As to deficiency of an antibody And at children I will remind that the child receives the real help at reception of pair milk (cow, goat).

Spirulina is a rich source of antioxidants and fikotsianinov

In summary would like to be converted to all readers. From a flu, cough, a cold so it is a lot of means that it is difficult to simple person to understand. I ask you to remember one: any of these means will not be effective if the physiology of breath is broken and synthesis of an antibody And &ndash is weakened; this first defender of mucous membranes of respiratory organs.

I Hope, I managed to show to you that always there is a possibility to warn and get rid of infections of respiratory ways, even after such anomalies which were at us in this summer.

- Thanks you, Iljas Ivanovich, for conversation on a topic of the day.

- And I give thanks to you. Do not forget to care of the health.