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Patriarch Cyril: the World should see a reconstruction of Russia from a non-existence

After disorder of the USSR and dashing ninetieth Russian culture not that that before. How to rescue   our national property, solved on Friday, on December, 3rd, Patriarch Cyril and the best representatives of creative elite of Russia. In Christ the Saviour Cathedral has passed the first session of the Patriarchal advice created by this spring on culture.

on it profits elegant Natalia Narochnitsky , Alexander   SHilov in the red scarf, again become by the blonde Svetlana Horkina, Vladislav Tretjak (by the way, with delight discussing victory of our demand for the World championship on football). The last in a hall   has grandly swum in   Zurab Tsereteli .

- Today even to the most superficial observer it is obvious that in many respects our culture attracts not exaltation, and decline and   destruction of public morals, - at once the beginnings from the main thing the head of Russian Orthodox Church. – an image of the young woman, clever, light – it is an image of Russia. And how to correlate it with girls with beer and a cigarette in teeth which dominate today in our society? Walking as - that in the evening on one of large Russian cities, I have been amazed: such impression that every second drinks beer, kurazhitsja and behaves inadequately. The main mission of culture today – this preservation of the person in system of moral co-ordinates. When it therefrom drops out, that, Dostoevsky`s words, it is allowed to it also it turns to a beast.

for revival of culture Patriarch Cyril has offered some projects. The main accent it decided to make on TV.

- It would be remarkable, if have created TV cycle - programs under a heading « the Patriarchal advice on culture represents » that you could tell to the mass spectator about the creative experience, attitude, - the Patriarch has noted.

and for prisoners has suggested to create the separate cable channel where those could look not « the romaticized crime » and something kind and instructive.

the second project – wide otmechanie 20 - summer anniversary of new Russia.

- will sum up that has occurred in the politician, the industry, a science. But it is necessary to tell that was and in spiritual life of the people and church. For 20 years we have restored 23 thousand temples – in one country never such was. We also did it not during economic well-being and political stability, - has reminded the Most holy. – the world should see great exploit of a reconstruction of Russia from a non-existence.

to Make it Russian Orthodox Church plans by means of already traditional exhibition of a forum « Russia orthodox » which then will carry to Kiev, Minsk and in the far abroad. In the same Paris where now starts building of the orthodox centre, it will precisely accept on « hurrah ».

the Church and creative elite solve how to revive Russian culture
the Photo: patriarchia. ru

- We have opened competition and we see enormous interest to this building. The international jury should choose only one project from hundreds offers. I have been amazed by imagination of these people, how they represent Russian orthodox tradition in a context of a modern western not orthodox city, - the Patriarch admitted.

one more initiative – care of household culture of Russians.

- our cities, woods and beaches have turned to a dump. The moments when to the senior gave way have left in the past, and at an input in a premise of the woman all men rose, - the Most holy has complained. – it is necessary short sotsreklama which will show all horror of life not by human rules. Already there are such rollers of a time to alcohol, and effect from them rather big.

- Sotsreklama – it is healthy, - the heroine of these rollers the deputy of the State Duma   has inserted; The Olympic champion Svetlana   Horkina. – I when walked on parks with a carriage, saw all this garbage, drunk youth. Has been simply morally killed.

And the ballet dancer Andris Liepa , taking an opportunity, has complained of replacement of classics from a scene.

- Are spread only new, elaborate and maloduhovnye things. It is a terrible ulcer on a culture body. Let there is new Onegin, but let and old does not leave.

Andris is ready to give charitable concerts in the same Paris in favour of building of the orthodox centre.

historians have asked the Patriarch to create a spiritual calendar as as it was found out, nearly have not missed anniversary « the Song of Igor`s Campaign? ». And ahead date even more considerable – 200 - letie Patriotic war with Napoleon. The patriarch has assured – will be. And the political scientist Natalia Narochnitsky has advised behind TV and the Internet not to forget about the audiobook:

- do not represent, as clever conversations are claimed, Russian fairy tales, Hundred thousand people listen to them at the wheel.

- I think, all together we will manage to break all dangerous tendencies which exist, both in Russia, and in other countries of Russian world – voodushevlenno has concluded the Most holy and has called up to itself Ilya Glazunov . From hands of the Patriarch the well-known artist has received venerable Andrey Rublyov`s Order   I degrees.