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The survived passengers of the bus Elista - Kazan GAI officers already thank the lucky stars for a rebirth

have put forward the version - « the driver passenger « is guilty; Hajgera ». He has fallen asleep at the wheel ». Relatives in it do not believe and say that to all fault « fatal accident ».

All has occurred on a line Samara – Volgograd, near to Saratov. the bus with vahtovikami which came back from Elista, there they worked on oil derricks, has faced with « KAMAZom » . In gruzhennyj under an outset sunflower seeds the truck the bus has flown on full speed. Blow was such force that the driver « KAMAZa » has taken off through a window – it as a result also has saved to it life. The cabin has got stuck in salon « Hajgera ». Everything, those who sat ahead have died on the spot. In lists of the died 9 persons, seven of them tatarstantsy , 23 passengers have got to hospital, 20 inhabitants of our republic.

- Chances to survive at bus drivers and passengers of the first seats were not any, - GAI officers on a scene tell. – we were amazed with that when we have arrived around stood about 10 cars and driving drivers shone headlights that victims could get out. They helped to stop blood, wounds tied up. When « fast » has arrived, doctors have told that two they have saved life. The bleeding was strong, in time have stopped.

Terrible road accident has carried away lives of 9 persons, 7 of them - inhabitants of republic Tatarstan
the Photo: the traffic police across the Saratov region

becomes Already known along toward evening that for half an hour to tragedy the bus stopped on fast for check of documents . Inspectors have taken an interest in state of health of the driver, have walked on salon, were convinced that that`s OK and to wishes have happy journey said goodbye. And in an hour they already were near the destroyed bus and helped to get out the victim. The arrived rescuers of victims got from - for iron heaps in parts.

Azamat Gaskarov

is there was simply a horror any! Fast I have not arrived yet in a panic tried to stop a wound, but helped nothing, - Azamat Gaskarov remembers. - the destiny has rescued Me!  

In some hours after tragedy physicians have taken off for the Saratov region already from Tatarstan . They have made decision to transport in hospital of Kazan of a four hard suffered. The others have sent to Saratov. Traumas at all are similar: Brain concussions, crises. All in the consciousness, some give evidences.

- According to preliminary data failure has occurred from - that the driver has fallen asleep at the wheel. Are now appointed it is judicial - medical examinations. Licence check is spent, - have declared in Rostransnadzore.

And inspectors have filed criminal charges in the meantime under article « the infringement of the traffic regulations which have entailed on imprudence death of two and more persons ». While in it there are no accused. But also the Office of Public Prosecutor does not exclude that the driver has fallen asleep at the wheel and it has led to terrible failure. In this version relatives of driving Anasa Garipova refuse to believe. The man has died on the spot.

- the Wife and children practically have learnt at once about tragedy and have left on an identification, - neigbour Natalia tells. - we were crossed some minutes prior to their departure. It is said that in this version they do not believe. Anas was very skilled driver and could not fall asleep. And if has felt weariness, has stopped to have a rest. So while they, and we, all who knew it we do not believe in this version.

Under the preliminary version, the bus driver has fallen asleep at the wheel
the Photo: traffic police across the Saratov region


All victims and victims were employees of the company « Kalmykneft ». There from any comments abstain. The secretary has referred that all management has left to the place of tragedy to the Saratov region.

Where to call:

For relatives of victims and victims in accident it is opened « a hot line »

the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Tatarstan (843 292 – 64 – 09 and republic Ministry of Health (843 293 – 49 – 95.