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River passenger transportations in Samara will be, yet there is no ice

Readers have asked «» to find out, a leah has ended on Volga navigation.

–   On the river the big ice floes &ndash float; they speak. – speak, navigation any day   will end.  

«» has called in rechport.

– Anything similar! – have responded us in security service. – ice on Volga practically is not present. So while we work. Omiki on - former go in Rozhdestveno. However, it is not simple so, and with support. Ahead goes cargo, hollows ice if it is necessary.

Rechniki speak, the big cargo vessels do not go only. It is dangerous to them to be developed, even if on the river not so it is a lot of ice.

– While ice does not become, navigation will not end, – speak in rechportu. – If to believe forecasts of meteorologists, in these days off on that party of Volga omiki will go.

And At this time

River travel Samara - Prowounds lasted 15 hours!

the Samara blogger tells about dangers of late navigation

30. 11. 2010. In 16 - 00 from River station has departed « omik » on a route « Samara - Rozhdestvenno, with calling on Prowounds. At this time on Volga the present storm was played, the wind has amplified to 20/ with. From - for a strong lateral wind the captain of the steam-ship was forbidden for approaching to island Podzhabnyj (Prowounds). « Omik » which - as has moored to landing stage « Rozhdestvenno » in 16. 40. There it remained to spend the night. And after all on it there were the passengers living on the Prowound and villages Samara Onions, fondly wishing to get from Rozhdestveno to Samara vesper flight. Thanks crew « omika » Which have provided with heat in passenger salon and boiled water doomed to a lodging for the night on their vessel. And on Prowounds citizens have got only in the morning, on December, 1st; total – 15 hours on overcoming about 2 km through Volga.